Layering Men's Sweaters for Different Occasions

Layering Men's Sweaters for Different Occasions

When the weather outside isn't quite frightful but is certainly frosty, you want to be ready with warmer wardrobe options, including your sweaters. Sweaters insulate your core against the cold, and you look great while wearing them. It also makes sense to go with a sweater when you have a bunch of events planned for this winter. It's not warm enough to remove all layers, so having a nicer sweater as your bottom layer is logical. Now, how can you layer a sweater for different occasions so you look well-dressed and warm? Here are some ideas for layering men's sweaters for different occasions.

Are You Attending...

A Casual Family Christmas Party?

The family is coming over (or you're going over there) for the annual family Christmas party. Before indulging in the eggnog with Uncle Jack, make sure you layered your sweater properly! A great layering combination is a collared shirt under your sweater. Consider matching a red and white plaid shirt with a red sweater. On the other side, you can wear this over a pair of blue jeans and boots and look put-together, yet casual. Roll the sleeves so we can see a little bit of the shirt and some brawny forearm and you're eggnog-ready!

As a Side Note:

How do you keep this kind of look sharp? There are a couple of things to keep in mind. For one, unbuttoned collared shirts create a v-neck neckline, and it tends to look best when you match that "v" shape with a v-neck in your chosen sweater. There's an exception to this men's v-neck sweater rule that will be explained further down. For the other, if you like patterns (and many do, especially holiday patterns), it's usually best to match a patterned design with a plain design. When you have two patterns right next to each other, they can confuse the eye and make your outfit seem a little overwhelming. Notice in the example above, there was a pattern next to a solid color—a good match!

A Volunteer Event at a Soup Kitchen?

It's the season of giving, not only financially, but also of your time. Spend a little time volunteering at your local soup kitchen and spread the Christmas spirit. Put on a nice, inviting Christmas sweater (the more patterned, the less likely spills and splatters will be noticed) and put it with a collared shirt that picks up one of the colors in your sweater. Grab some jeans, roll those sleeves again, and you're set to serve!

An Office Christmas Party?

We know the office party calls for a higher level of dress. There are colleagues, bosses, perhaps even clients present, and good impressions are important. A sweater can be a part of this kind of occasion too! Button your white collared shirt all the way and put on a sweater in either an unzipped half-zip style or a buttoned men's cardigan sweater. Either way, you should have that v-neck, which you'll want to highlight with a tie. If you want to be a little bolder, opt for some color like a green striped tie and a green sweater. If you want to be a little more formal, stick with neutrals, like a gray sweater and a black tie. Either way, you're professional!

The Nutcracker Ballet?

Seeing your local ballet perform The Nutcracker is a holiday tradition. If that doesn't convince you, keep in mind that it's a great Christmas date idea. So how can you use a sweater combo to dress for this event? Wear a white collared shirt with the top button unbuttoned under a black crewneck sweater under a gray blazer. If the blazer has a bit of texture or pattern, so much the better. One thing to note with this combination: the crewneck of the sweater. This is the exception to our above rule because the higher neck recalls the formal wear normally associated with blazers. It's more visually cohesive to pair crewnecks with blazers. With this outfit and your date on your arm, you'll fit right into the theater.

An Ice Skating Date?

Speaking of dating ideas, why not take your special someone to the rink? It's a great excuse to hold on to each other as you get used to being on your blades, or show off your skating skills if you know your way around the ice. Let your sweater help your image. Wear a suave brown turtleneck sweater under a lighter beige trenchcoat. Pair this with a layer of long johns underneath some cream-colored trousers for a complete look. A thinner turtleneck will keep you cool if you work up a sweat in the rink, and the trench can keep you warm if you and your date decide to do drinks afterward.

Now that you have some sweater layering ideas and where to wear them, layer away!


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