Layering for Fall: Tips for Men in Boston

Layering for Fall: Tips for Men in Boston

If you are at all familiar with Boston, you know that layering is key in the fall. Let’s look at some layering tips for men in Boston.

Layering With Long Johns

Start with the layer closest to your skin to maximize comfort and warmth. These aren’t your grandfather’s long johns! Fabrics for men’s long underwear are available in both luxurious and high-tech options. Silk is a solid choice for long johns, as it feels great next to your skin, is a lightweight layer of insulation, and breathes. Men’s synthetic long johns are now available with fabrics that wick moisture to keep you warm and dry no matter the weather.

Flannel Favorites

A men’s flannel shirt is a great second layer over long johns. In addition to making a solid fashion statement, flannel is soft and warm, and it breathes. Flannel shirts are an instant outfit with your favorite jeans, and they also work with almost any pair of neutral-colored men’s pants or even your favorite sweatpants.

Flannel is a stylish choice for the whole family, too. If you have a partner, they have probably already borrowed your flannel shirts! Why not buy them their own flannel to keep them comfy and make it easier to find your own flannel when you want to wear it? Matching flannel shirts can be a fun choice for couples. Flannel is a cute and cozy choice for kids, too, for everything from school days to play dates to weekend activities.

Fleece Finds

Fleece is an excellent choice for layering in the fall in Boston. Consider a men’s fleece vest over a long-sleeved shirt or as a layer underneath a winter coat. Every guy should have a men’s fleece jacket in his wardrobe. It’s a staple you can wear in the fall, layer under a coat in the winter, and wear to keep you warm on crisp mornings in the spring.

Especially if fall in Boston includes activities like football games or other outdoor events, consider buying a fleece throw to use as a stadium blanket and keeping it in your car. Fleece will keep you and your loved ones warm even during the fourth quarter of a football game.

Jaw-Dropping Jeans

Your favorite men’s jeans are a great option for layering in style during the fall. Denim is both thick enough to keep you warmer than many fabrics, and it also has the advantage of being made from breathable cotton. Darker washes will look dressier, and medium and lighter washes will look more casual. If you buy one pair of jeans for your wardrobe, make them dark wash unless you have other pants that look great and are smart casual. In that case, a medium-wash pair can be a good choice.

If it’s been a while since you bought jeans, start with your current measurements. Also, think about how sleek or loose of a silhouette you prefer. Relaxed jeans are great for comfort; however, they are automatically more casual than jeans with a closer fit. There is no one size fits all answer — what is right for you will depend upon your preferences and your lifestyle.

Smart Sport Coats

To take your layering from casual to smart casual, add a men’s sport coat. A pair of dark wash jeans, a white men’s dress shirt, and a men’s sport coat with loafers and a men’s belt is a go-to look that you will want to have available for fall. You can also layer a sport coat overtop a crew neck sweater for extra warmth.

If you like the look of a sport coat but don’t have one handy, consider breaking up your business suits by wearing a men’s suit jacket in place of a sport coat. As long as you stick with neutral colors and similar fabrics, this strategy works well. If you don’t have “suit occasions” on your calendar often, adding a sport coat to an outfit is an instant upgrade that can often work instead of going out and buying a new business suit just for a special occasion. Ask someone else what they will be wearing or check the dress code, but this can often save time and money.

Best Foot Forward

Don’t forget layering for your feet. Warm socks and shoes or fall boots will go a long way to keeping you cozy in Boston in the fall. For best results, choose socks that are warm and breathable. Cotton is a good option, but so is merino wool. If your socks will show, they’ll look sharper if they are dark colored unless you are at your most casual. You’ll want to get a great pair of men’s boots to take you from fall into winter.

Fall in Boston is wonderful! Enjoy it to its fullest with layered men’s clothes to keep you looking and feeling your best.


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