Layering Tips for Fall: How to Style Fleece Jackets and Coats for Women Over 50

Layering Tips for Fall: How to Style Fleece Jackets and Coats for Women Over 50

Fall is a prime season for wearing stylish layered looks. This style isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, though. Layered apparel during fall and winter can keep you warm but prevent overheating, as you can remove layers if you get too warm. In this article, we’ve put together some layering tips for fleece outerwear. Whether over 50 or any other age, these fashion ideas can be adapted to suit your style preferences and lifestyle:

Choose the Fleece Style You’d Like to Layer

Women of any age have many possibilities when it comes to fleece jackets and coats. If you like a traditional look, opt for a full-zip women’s fleece jacket with or without a hood. The zippered fleece jacket is a fall and winter must-have that you can wear with virtually anything.

The fleece quarter-zip pullover combines the features of a zippered jacket with a sweatshirt. It zips halfway down, so it’s easy to slip on and off and you can lower the zipper to show the top underneath. The snap-neck is another style that allows for versatility. If a modern look is what you’re after, a fleece hoodie pullover sweatshirt is an athleisure piece that’s on-trend for all ages.

If you’re looking to layer an office-appropriate fleece jacket, check out the fleece blazer. This warm fall outerwear piece is all-business with a cozy touch. Wear it to dress up women’s jeans or with dress pants for work. You’ll find fleece blazers in work-ready colors like black and gray and professional prints like houndstooth.

Now that we’ve talked about the different fleece jackets and coat styles—which come in multiple colors and prints, by the way—let’s look at some layering ideas.

Flannel Shirts with Fleece Outerwear

We love flannel shirts for fall. They’re easy to dress up or down, depending on a variety of fashion factors. For example, layer an untucked, unbuttoned boyfriend-fit flannel over a graphic tee and you’ve got a ’90s-inspired casual style. If you want a dressier look, wear a tucked and buttoned traditional-fit flannel with black pants or pair of dark indigo skinny jeans.

The above fleece jackets can be worn over a flannel shirt for warmth and a layered look. Depending on how you wear your fleece outerwear, the color and print of your flannel may be visible. There are so many colors and prints of flannel shirts and fleece apparel for women that you’ll likely find at least two coordinating options.

Tunics and Fleece Jackets

You can layer flannel tunics under fleece jackets and tunics in other materials such as Supima cotton and fabric blends. Their comfort, coverage, and style versatility sets tunics apart from other tops. You can wear tunics under your favorite fleece with leggings or jeggings and ankle boots. For a dressier look, tunic sweaters can be worn with midi and maxi skirts. And, of course, they’re great for wearing with your favorite jeans. Tunics don’t have collars and they reach the hip area, so the bottom of your top is likely to show beneath your fleece coat or jacket.

Turtlenecks with Fleece Coats

Women’s turtlenecks are perfect for layering under all the fleece jacket and coat styles. Whether you choose a whole-zip, half-zip, pullover fleece, or fleece blazer, a turtleneck is an ideal foundation. There are plenty of possibilities for selecting a turtleneck to layer for fall, and we love them all.

One option is soft, sturdy Supima cotton. This cotton species is grown in the USA, in just a handful of midwestern and western states. The secret to its durability is the long staple fiber, which retains its shape after being stretched and has excellent color retention properties. A Supima cotton turtleneck is lightweight and breathable with a smooth texture, which makes it perfect for wearing under your fleece.

A luxe cashmere turtleneck can be layered beneath fleece and worn with a skirt or dress pants for a more formal look. Cashmere provides lightweight warmth and has an ultra-soft, almost fuzzy texture. There are acrylic fabric blends such as CashTouch that replicate the look and feel of cashmere, but there’s nothing like the real thing. At least one cashmere turtleneck in your fall wardrobe is a must for dressier occasions, whether with a fleece jacket or other type of outerwear such as a wool coat.

Fleece Vests for Extra Warmth

There are fleece vests in hues and shades to match, complement, or contrast your fleece coat or jacket. They can be worn over long-sleeve T-shirts and the above-mentioned women’s tops for an added layer of warmth on chilly fall days. They’re great for a fall hike when layered over a flannel and worn with straight-leg jeans and sturdy hiking boots, with a hooded flannel jacket as the top layer of your outfit.

Accessorizing Your Fleece

Women’s shawls and wraps can be worn over fleece jackets as a stylish, practical accessory. To dress up your fleece coat, add a sparkly pin or brooch. There are fall hats and gloves you can match to fleece items, too. A few statement pieces are enough to make a bold fashion impact. Even a pair of hoop earrings or your favorite necklace can be enough to add a touch of sparkle to a fleece-centric outfit.

These are just some ways women over 50 can layer fleece for fall. Use these ideas as fashion inspiration to create plenty of fall looks for every occasion.


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