How to Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

How to Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

If you’re like us and love fashion and styling, then you probably have a treasure trove of accessories and jewelry you love. You likely also have staple jewelry pieces that you don’t take off, like a wedding band, a special necklace, your favorite ring, or that exotic bracelet that everyone gives you compliments on. Sometimes, laziness sets in, and we don’t feel like taking off our staple jewelry to wear all our stylish pieces. Here’s the good news: there’s no need to take off your everyday jewelry to wear your favorite stylish pieces. Read on to learn how to layer jewelry like a pro so you can combine your various jewelry pieces to create fashionable looks that bring your whole outfit together.

Mix and Match Textures, Materials, and Weights

First, when layering jewelry, don’t be shy about mixing and matching. Get creative with different textures, weights, and even materials. That’s right, ditch the old “don’t wear silver and gold together” rule and explore laying different materials. Silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, tassels, beads, jewels, and stones are all fabulous materials and textures that can be combined in myriad ways to create stunning layering ensembles. Mixing and matching jewelry has the power to bring your whole outfit together. Wear something simple and classic like a black dress with a mixture of different jewelry to make a stylish and sparkly statement.

Wear Heavy and Dainty Pieces Together

A part of mixing and matching like a pro means knowing how to strike that perfect balance. One of the best ways to do this is to mix heavy and dainty pieces. Wearing a chunky necklace with a simple gold chain is a great way to add a nice pop to your look without having to take off your dainty daily chain. Or, wear a pair of minimalist hoop earrings with some chunky bangles that match the look of the hoops but also add weight to your bejeweled look. Wrap bracelets are another great go-to that can add dimension to any jewelry-layering combo. They’re easy to wear with your daily wrist bling and bring a rugged yet chic flair to any outfit. Wear a denim jacket and some dainty chains and earrings for a well-balanced yet contrasting look.

Vary Your Necklace Lengths

Few things are as annoying as getting your necklaces all tangled up. The obvious way to avoid this is to not wear too many necklaces daily, but the stylish way to avert tangles is to wear varying lengths of necklaces. Wear one neat necklace close to the neck, another that hangs just at the top of the breast bone, and then add in another that hangs a pendant low around the bottom of your breast bone. Layering different length necklaces create a nice tiered look that is appealing to the eye. Women’s boatneck tops are a great choice when it comes to layering necklaces because you don’t have to worry about the shorter lengths falling under your shirt.

Looking Undone Is the New Done Up

Looking too put together just isn’t stylish anymore. Undone is often considered the new done up, and the same rule can go for layering your bling. Don’t get too caught up in ensuring that everything matches perfectly, sits nicely, and behaves well while wearing. There is a certain laid-back chic to looking a little rough around the edges. When layering jewelry, let the pieces fall where they want to and be more concerned with how the various pieces match or mismatch. Candid is the new cool, so let your layers of jewels land where they will.

Bling Up a Turtleneck

Layering necklaces over a classic turtleneck is a pro move with it comes to styling jewelry. This versatile look can take you from the office to dinner and even to some events. If you need to look professional, opt for simple classic pieces that make a statement but don’t draw too much attention. In other words, leave your cool thrift-shop-find African beaded necklace at home, but feel free to wear that chunky silver necklace that you never wear with two lighter-weight silver chains and pendants over your turtleneck to make a cool yet sophisticated statement.

Have a Focal Point

While layering your treasure trove of jewelry should be a fun and creative way to explore and express your personal style, it’s also good to offer a focal point to turn your ensemble into wearable art. Rather than layering just chains, introduce some charms or pendants. They will be the main event or focal point, while the other chains support the overall look as a charming (pun intended) and stunning backdrop.

Don’t Go Overboard

While we love to experiment and go wild with our gems, we also have to remind ourselves sometimes not to go overboard. Over the top is not a look we’re going for, so it’s best to use your sense of synergy and style to see what works, what’s too subtle and can be picked up a notch, or what’s too much and might need to be taken down a level. One sure way to avoid overkill is once you feel like your look is complete, take off the last piece you put on and go with the original elements that you felt inspired to put together.

With these tips, you will be able to layer your jewelry like a pro for maximum yet subtle impact and style.


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