Lands’ End Stands for Diversity and Inclusion

At Lands’ End, we value you. After all, you’re the heart of our company, which is why our doors are open to everyone. Through our diversity and inclusion efforts, we are committed to creating an inspiring culture that is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for all. Our greatest asset is the combination of our unique experiences, backgrounds and talents. Together we all make Lands’ End a great place to shop and a great place to work. We’re excited to share with you a few of the steps we’re taking to ensure diversity and inclusion are always a part of the Lands’ End experience.

What was Lands’ End’s First Step in Taking a Stand for Diversity and Inclusion?

Taking a long look in the mirror and admitting to ourselves that we could do better was the first of many humbling steps for every member of the Lands’ End team. After our moment of reflection, we went to work creating a diversity and inclusion council to lead our efforts. For several weeks, listening sessions were hosted. During them, roughly 200 members of the Lands’ End team shared their experiences, offered insights, and allowed all of us to experience Lands’ End from their perspectives.

What is the Lands’ End Diversity and Inclusion Council?

Our Diversity and Inclusion Council is chaired by Eddie Strauss, VP, GMM-Merchandising and Rosana Ellmann, Sr. Director, Employee Services. The council consists of a mix of leaders from various departments within Lands’ End. This team of people serves as an advocate for diversity and inclusion initiatives by building, engaging, and mobilizing positive strategies to ensure an inclusive environment for all. They also provide leadership advice and assistance on initiatives involving diversity and inclusion. The key is to make sure each initiative is directly tied to our business goals.

What are Lands’ End Business Resource Groups?

We have several Business Resource Groups already in action, with more planned in the future. We create groups to connect with others based on shared experiences and to amplify areas so they are not overlooked. Allies who’d like to become involved in the group are always welcome. These open groups serve as a great way to provide community, personal, and professional development opportunities. Our various Business Resource Groups include Lands’ End Employees With Disabilities and Allies, Multicultural, Lands’ End Veterans, Pride, and Working Parents.

Does Lands’ End Offer Training Centered Around Diversity and Inclusion?

Every member of the Lands’ End team participates in Diversity and Inclusion based training sessions. From unconscious biases to the prevention of workplace harassment, each training session is thoughtfully organized around open dialog and opportunities for change. Every course supports the evolution of Lands’ End’s ongoing, company-wide initiatives.

What Additional Diversity and Inclusion Resources Does Lands’ End Offer?

Lands’ End has an internal website devoted to diversity and inclusion. Within the site, Business Resource Group leaders and members compiled a list of resources for every employee to access at their convenience. Employees can click through to find recorded training sessions, recommended readings, lectures, and more. There are also various resources and information regarding how to get involved. We even welcome speakers who specialize in Diversity and Inclusion to share their knowledge with us.

What Does the Future of Diversity and Inclusion Look Like for Lands’ End?

We recognize that we are off to a great start. However, we also understand there are always going to be steps that need to be taken as we work toward maintaining a truly diverse and inclusive culture at Lands’ End. Therefore, when we see opportunities to continue to learn and grow, we’ll embrace them. If there is a suggestion as to how we can do more to ensure Lands’ End continues to be a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place for everyone, we’ll listen, discuss and take action. The dialogue surrounding Diversity and Inclusion must continue. For every member of the Lands’ End team, this is an ongoing, long-term commitment.


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