Kids' shark apparel

My kids are really excited to learn about sharks this year. How can I get them ready for science class?

Gather your guppies, ladies and gentlemen, because shark prints are the latest craze in kids'…well, everything. More and more kids are realizing that sharks are some of the most interesting creatures under the sea. It's sure to be a highlight in their next science class, and if you want to encourage their love of sharks and science, there's no better way than shopping for some kids backpacks with shark prints.

My kids would love to have some shark backpacks. Where do I find cool backpacks with shark prints?

If you need some cool shark prints before school starts, try out some of Lands' End's newest backpacks for school. They're made to last and have some awesome prints, from dinosaurs to cosmic galaxies to, you guessed it, sharks. Talk about a first impression—imagine walking up to school with their friends all "Ooh"-ing and "Aah"-ing at their flashy new shark backpacks.

Which girls' or boys' backpacks come with shark prints?

The shark prints come in both medium and large sizes for your elementary or middle school kids. If they want something a little smaller for heading to the gym, soccer practice or play rehearsal, they can also get their favorite shark prints in a casual cinch sack. And if even then you can't find the right backpack, Lands' End gives you the option to add a cool shark design to any of their backpacks for school.

My kids need extra-large backpacks but still want the shark theme. How do I add a shark design to their cool backpacks?

Sometimes the school supply list needs the largest backpacks possible. Or, on the other hand, some kids appreciate the art of subtlety; instead of having a backpack covered in swimming sharks, they want to pick out just one shark embroidery of their very own. Lands' End has hundreds of embroideries, including six shark designs. It's a super simple process, just click the "make it personal" button on one of the girls' backpacks and boys' backpacks page to choose the shark design they like the most.

My kids want the same backpack prints this year. How can I personalize my kids' backpacks?

Brothers and sisters seem to spend their entire days trying to copy each other, so you can make sure you don't mix up their stuff with a monogram or two. Add their initials to regular cute backpacks to tell each one apart. It's the same process as embroidery; just click "make it personal," choose a style (single initial/full initials/word), and then choose a font and thread color. Boom! No more mixing up homework or school lunches during the morning rush.

Can I get kids' T-shirts or kids' sweatshirts with sharks, too?

Hey, sharks are cool and educational, so what's the harm in going all out? Go ahead and grab some shark-themed boys' graphic T-shirts, joggers or kids' sweatshirts to deck your kiddo out in their favorite sea creatures. Lands' End is a great spot to grab all the shark gear they need for a successful year. And, better yet, if they need some basic clothing like kids' T-shirts, boys' sweatshirts or girls' sweaters, they can embroider a shark on them, too! That personalization feature doesn't end at just backpacks. Outfit and backpack shopping shouldn't be a "pick one quickly"-type chore. Gather around the computer to choose awesome designs to show off to their friends (because let's be real, if they're into sharks, their friends are undoubtedly not that far behind). You never know, picking out some shark backpacks for school might inspire the world's next marine biologists.

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