Express Kids' Personality with School Uniforms

How Kids Can Express Themselves When School Uniforms Are Required

If your child’s school requires uniforms, then you know how serious uniform rules can be. It’s necessary to get the right-colored shirt, the right style of pants or skirt, the correct shoes, and the agreed-upon sweater for cold days. In other words, uniforms don’t allow for much creativity from your child since they don’t get to choose their outfit for school every day.

Still, there are ways to let your little ones be creative and express themselves through fashion and school accessory choices. There are many simple things your child can pick out themselves to ensure their creativity shines on school days. Here are a few ways children can express themselves when their school requires uniforms.

Let Them Pick Out Their Jacket

Generally, dress codes don’t apply to outerwear, which means your kids can show off their unique style through their jacket choices. While jackets are most regularly worn throughout the cold winter months, your little ones can also express themselves through their spring jacket choice, their fall jacket choice, and their rainy day jacket choice, which leaves many opportunities for self-expression.

For cold weather, kid's winter coats come in a variety of colors and styles, including tie-dye parkas, bright camo-printed options, and solid-colored down coats with fake fur hood trim. Kids puffer vests are also an option for cold but not freezing days. As far as non-cold-weather jackets are concerned, your kids can choose from a wide selection of brightly colored raincoats, peacoats, casual denim jackets, zip-up athletic-style coats, and more.

Let your little ones have fun when they pick out their coat — and if you’d like them to have even more opportunities to express themselves through fashion, let them pick out fun accessories like hats, scarves, sunglasses, and gloves too.

Get Them a Fun Backpack

If your child’s school doesn’t require a specific backpack for students, allow your children to select their own backpack for the school year. They’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off their backpack to friends and classmates, whether on the bus in the morning, walking through the halls, or at an after-school gathering. Plus, if you let your little ones choose their backpack, they’ll be able to pick one they love and will be less likely to leave it on the bus or in the gym locker room.

There are many backpacks for kids to choose from, and they can even switch it up at the beginning of a new season. Kids can take their pick of a variety of styles, prints, and sizes, though the littlest students might want to opt for one that is on the smaller side. Our backpacks come in solid monogrammed options, bright floral prints, space-themed designs, striped options, and more.

Let Them Choose Their Lunchbox

Lunchtime is a favorite time of day for many school-aged kids, so they will love being able to choose their lunchbox. They can pick the style and theme they prefer and can decide if they’d like their lunchbox to match their Lands’ End backpack — many of our lunchboxes and backpacks come in the same prints for kids who like the matching option.

Our lunchboxes are all insulated, so your child’s meal will stay cold no matter the lunchbox they select. Kids can choose from lunchbox designs like daisies, polka dots, camouflage, butterflies, outer space, tie-dye, and more.

Additionally, your little ones can pick their favorite lunchtime accessories to show off their style even more — thermoses, water bottles, reusable cutlery, and fun food containers are all available in kid-pleasing styles.

Allow Your Kids To Choose an At-Home Outfit for After School

When your kids want to get into something comfortable after a day at school, let them change into an outfit they’re excited about — have them pick out their after-school outfit. We have a selection of fun boy's graphic tees and girls graphic t-shirts for kids of all ages. Your kids can select a graphic tee that shows off their favorite hobby, like learning about the planets or being out in nature, or can choose a graphic tee that celebrates an upcoming holiday or season.

Beyond fun graphic tees, our kid’s clothing selection also includes plenty of comfortable options like sweatpants, leggings, and shorts that your littles can pick out to pair with their favorite after-school graphic tees.

It’s easy to let your kids add some personalization to their school uniform or school-day accessories. Just a few simple items will let them feel like themselves and show off their interests.


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