Keep Stylish in these 5 Women's Winter Coats

Keep Stylish in These 5 Women's Winter Coats

You're probably searching high and low for the best women's winter coats that have both functionality and style. In a world where winter jackets usually mean bulky shoulders and absent curves, these coats will keep you warm and looking sharp. We understand your fears. This refreshing collection of winter coats is designed to handle the hardships of cold weather and blistering winds without forgetting style. Here are five winter coats that will keep you looking great this season.

Trench Coats That Embrace Your Curves

While the trench coat experienced an edgy renaissance in the late 1990s, a recent reboot of this coat retains everything you love about this trend while ditching the multiple buckles and teenage angst. Today's trench coats have updated styling with a full stand collar, double-breasted front, and fashionable hanging back yoke. Tie a belt around your waist to create an ultra-cute silhouette that can be great for both casual streetwear or the perfect date night coat. A pair of modern snow boots goes extraordinarily well with it, too. Wear cropped versions for more of a casual look or sport a long one to feel a bit more formal.

Down Coats You Can Move in

When life gets busy with after-school sports, picking up that vegetable tray you forgot you signed up for, or traveling out of town in a cramped car, having a light coat is vital. In the world of down coats, pick one that is packable and ultra-light. Some even have 10% spandex integrated into their outer shell. If you pick a coat with the super-warm HyperDRY down, you can move around freely without being encumbered by the weight of traditional materials. These jackets aren't just made for the active woman; they look good on everyone. After all, it's a nice perk to grab that emergency gallon of milk while looking stylish in your long down coat–even if you're wearing a pajama top underneath! Who's going to know?

Embrace Frosty Glam in a Winter Parka

What's a woman to do when the temperatures are falling fast, but she still wants to look cute without taking off her coat? She gets a stylish women's winter parka and "wows" the world with her fashion choices! Parkas are designed for the ultimate winter weather duty while still keeping your sense of style in mind. They are filled with ThermaCheck®-300 fleece lining to lock in heat where you need it. Depending on which style you choose, you'll find other features that are meant for both comfort and fashion, such as a fleece-lined collar and drawcord waist. But just because these parkas are well-insulated, it doesn't mean they're going to weigh you down. Even the parkas that earn a "warmest" rating are made of lightweight fillers that promise easy long-term wear. Who's ready for a winter hike? Don't forget to grab some touchscreen women's gloves while you're at it to snap the perfect group photo at the end of the trail.

The Classic Appeal of Wool

Now, it would be difficult to talk about stylish coats without mentioning women's wool coats. When you want outerwear that has elegance and a timeless charm, you can't go wrong with this material. Whether you want a fit-and-flare or belted version, long or short–the soft texture of wool or wool blends dress up any occasion. So if your winter wardrobe needs a splash of refinement, check out what's new in this season's wool coats. The best part? Wool will keep you warm all day long, and its water-resistant fibers will wick off any moisture from snow or light rain.

The Exemplary Squall

If your winters aren't arctic and you still want to sport an iconic piece of outerwear, then a women's squall coat is your ticket to fashion fulfillment. With options for all kinds of temperatures, these jackets, parkas, and raincoats will keep you dry if your winters are more showers than snowfall. Feel free to wear your favorite style of hat or beanie because to wear for added protection from the cold air. If it's extra chilly, fasten the throat latch or wrap a soft scarf around your neck and keep on going.

The thought of winter doesn't need to send a chill down your spine. Find women's coats & jackets that work best for your life and style and suit up for a winter wonderland to remember.


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