Items You Need to Keep in Your Backpack At All Times

Items You Need to Keep in Your Backpack At All Times

Whether you’re off for a weekend adventure or starting a new semester at school, having a fully stocked backpack is essential when you’re away from the comforts of home. People of all ages and stages of life find backpacks useful. Kids enjoy the independence of packing an overnight bag for a sleepover while parents of young kids rely on backpacks to carry snacks and gear while keeping their hands free. They’re also favorites for campers, hikers, and anyone else who wants to carry items safely and efficiently. Depending on what activities you partake in, the items you need will differ, but here are the items that are typically useful to keep in your backpack at all times.

Extra Clothing

No matter where you go, having an extra shirt or extra pair of socks can come in handy when you’re in a pinch. This can apply to you if you play sports and need a change of clothes or if you’re a parent and you want to be prepared for all of your toddler’s messes. When you fold away these items neatly, they don’t have to take up a lot of space either. As extra clothing is incredibly convenient when there are emergencies, you can bring it out when the situation arises. Also keeping transitional gear like cotton cardigans in a backpack is useful for when the temperatures change. Stay comfortable and prepared with this essential in tow! 

Handkerchief or Tissues

Whether you have seasonal allergies or want to be prepared for any type of mess that can happen during your adventure, nobody regrets packing a spare handkerchief or pack of tissues in their backpack. These can double up as emergency under-the-weather gear or napkins if you forget to put some in your lunchbox. These items make it easy to tidy up without having to run to the bathroom or cafeteria for supplies. With so many uses, tissues always have a reason to stay by your side because an emergency can happen anytime.

Pen & Pad

Having a writing utensil and place to jot down notes can be highly useful when you’re on the go. Perhaps you hear some information and you need to write it down quickly. Having a pen and paper that you don’t have to ask for can be convenient. If you’re exploring a new town or running errands taking a pen with you speeds up the process of writing checks, filling out forms, and more. If you take your backpack to school, writing utensils like pens come even more in handy. When you need to take ample notes in class, put your laptop in a laptop backpack for even more note-taking options.

First Aid Kit

Even the most careful person can encounter unexpected circumstances. This is why having a small first aid kit in your backpack can save the day. Whether you get injured or someone near you gets a cut, you can be the person who can act fast to help. Keep this occasionally-used gear in a small compartment in your backpack so that you can quickly locate it when the heat is on. Not only can first aid kits spare your favorite clothing like your jersey dress from stains, but you can be prepared for adverse situations anytime.

Miniature Flashlight

Since backpacks are made for adventure, you never know where you will go. That’s why having a flashlight and batteries tucked away in a small compartment can keep you ready for any environment you may encounter. Whether the sun is setting a little early on your hike or you want to read a book for a few extra minutes at a sleepover, a personal light source can give you the freedom to explore on your terms. For the most convenience, select a miniature flashlight that doesn’t require hefty batteries. LED lights also last longer and require less energy than old-fashioned flashlights.

Phone Charger & Other Tech Power Cords

If your lifestyle involves electronics, keeping them charged wherever you go is a must. Don't be caught with just 5% battery when you have hours left on your excursion. Buy a charger that you keep exclusively in your backpack. Keep this 'on the go' charger for your phone and devices in a compartment in your backpack that you can use on campus, at school, at work, or at the coffee shop. In today’s modern world, it’s important to stay connected and to have a spare power source that you don’t risk misplacing.

Keep these key items in your backpack and you’ll be prepared for whatever plans are thrown in your path. Have fun learning and exploring!


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