Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Home Office

Must-Have Items to Keep in Your Home Office

Home offices that are functional, stylish, and comfortable are essential to keep you productive all day. When you outfit your home office with the right gear and comfort elements, you can enjoy hours of work and even a little downtime to fuel your creativity.

Your home office will have its own needs based on the unique nature of your job. Take some time to think about what you need to make your office comfortable before you start the makeover. To get your mind jogging, here is a shortlist of necessities that can make your office functional and stylish — a place where big ideas happen. These are the must-have items to keep in your home office.

Set up a “Hospitality” Snack Station

Nothing distracts your day like hunger pangs, so keeping non-perishable items like granola bars, chips, and juice boxes in this container will give you the energy boost you need to get through the final hour of your shift. Why run back and forth from the kitchen when you’re just in the middle of a breakthrough in your assignment? By having a stash of snacks in your office, you can keep your workday’s momentum strong without running out of fuel.

Handy items like canvas storage bins can hold your snack cache until you’re ready to graze. Since they are highly portable and stylish, you can put them anywhere: inside a section of your desk, on the bookshelf, or next to a chair. Small canvas bins can also go under couches or inside drawers so that they are out of sight. Be sure to keep them out of reach if you have small children or pets who like to sneak a bite when you’re distracted!

Stash Away Some Grab-and-Go Loungewear

Sometimes you just need to change into something comfortable to keep on working. When your conference calls are over, it’s time for comfortable pants and tops. Work from home outfits like stretchy lounge pants and hoodies are perfect for the days when you need more comfort. There’s also plenty in this collection that’s photo-op perfect and Zoom conference-approved.

It’s also a good idea to keep a hairbrush and a couple of professional tops in a small drawer in case your team needs to hop on a video call without warning. Not having to run back to your bedroom to be ready for face-to-face time can decrease your stress levels during the day. Solutions like this make it possible to have the look you need to get through the day in style and comfort.

Maximize Space With Organizational Items

If there’s one thing a clean house never has too much of, it’s organizational items. Take a spin through your favorite office furniture website and invest in some essentials like a filing cabinet, bookshelf, storage ottoman, love seat, and more. These elements are the backbones to storing your electronic devices, accessories, and comfort items that make your office feel like a second home.

Additional organizational support is also vital. Seagrass baskets can be used as universal storage for small items that can easily clutter areas. Their organic aesthetic makes them a universal style fit in both traditional and contemporary office design concepts. Seagrass blends with warm wood and textile elements, and can provide that softened organic touch a contemporary-style office needs. A few low-maintenance plants can also enhance the aesthetics of your seagrass baskets by adding more organic “hot spots” in the room.

Brighten the Room With Throw Pillows

Everyone needs a brain break from time to time. Breathers can do wonders for your creativity levels and revitalize your motivation. Decorate your office furniture with throw pillows so that your break time is as comfortable as possible. They provide excellent arm support when lounging and are power nap essentials. These pillows aren’t just functional, but they also make your office look better. Find your favorite patterns and colors to brighten up your office space’s design.

For even more comfort, throw blankets help make an instant paradise for a power nap. These can be concealed in a storage ottoman or folded in a bin until you need that afternoon siesta. Embroider these with your name so that it’ll be easy to find to whom the blanket belongs when it comes out of the wash.

Keep Your Space Clean With Monogrammed Towels

If you never spilled coffee on your desk before, count yourself among the lucky. But accidents can happen anytime, especially if you’re working from home with kids or cats. Keep a few monogrammed towels in a convenient spot in case the unexpected happens. You can greatly reduce the amount of damage done to your electronics when you wipe away spilled beverages quickly. Plus, you can customize these towels with a favorite image or your initials so that everyone knows it’s your prized office towel.

Stay organized and feel your best from 9-5 with these home office essentials. Have a blast making your workspace a productive paradise.


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