Intimate Weddings: Why Having a Small Wedding Party is in Vogue

Intimate Weddings: Why Having a Small Wedding Party is in Vogue

As seen in Vogue, intimate weddings are gaining much attention, and with good reason. You have to wonder—can an intimate wedding tick all the boxes for a successful wedding? We say yes! Gathering size regulations are keeping wedding parties small this season. Here’s why it’s a good trend to follow.

More Quality Time Spent with the Nuptial Couple

A smaller wedding party can reduce stress and costs while increasing connectivity among guests throughout the event. We’ve all been to a large wedding where you feel pulled in many directions at the same time. Fewer guests mean more quality time with those present and will minimize concerns about spending enough time with each invitee. What’s more, guests will feel at ease in the smaller crowd and better able to build relationships among themselves. Weddings can be great networking events in addition to a good time. The experience can be a relaxed one for you and your guests, without the strain of greeting a hundred people.

Fewer guests mean more space for creativity and individual expression. Don’t want to miss a moment of the fun? Provide disposable cameras to each attendee so that the wedding party can capture photos of their own, adding to the precious memories. Years down the line these photos will be a beautiful reminder of the special day.

The wedding party will be made up of a hand-selected group that has come together to make your day awesome. No doubt this means a special thanks is in order. Choose from our hand-selected groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts. The wedding party members will hold onto these offerings for years to come as a memento of the intimate gathering.

The Focus of the Wedding Stays on the Couple

Intimate weddings provide the perfect opportunity for the new couple to prioritize what it is they want to get out of their special day. With each stylistic selection, from flowers to the flavor of cake, there are fewer outside variables to consider and more opportunities for the couple to showcase what makes them unique.

Reducing the couple’s stress during the wedding decision-making process means freeing up time and energy for them to begin their new life together. Not sure what to get the happy couple? We’ve got some wedding gift ideas. Of course, the greatest gift is being present to witness the “I do’s”.

The Dream Destination Wedding Can Be Yours

Ever thought about a destination wedding but didn’t know how to make it a reality? With a small wedding party, the dream wedding can be yours, even on a budget. Imagine your favorite destination, plus a tight-knit group of your loved ones. Send guests embroidered travel bags before the big event so that everyone can pack their essentials in style. Just think how excited everyone will be for the excuse to take a vacation. Plan a day of site-seeing before or after the wedding day to encourage guests to explore the exciting destination you’ve brought everyone to while keeping them engaged.

Not only is the wedding a great excuse to get away, but it’s a great way to check out another part of the world you would have left unexplored. Provide guests with guidebooks about the area, and opportunities to explore. Rent a van or hire a tour guide so that everyone can get a taste of this unique destination. Not only will these outings make the trip more fun for everyone, but they can help the wedding party members get to know each other.

Take it to the Beach

With a small wedding party, you can have folks meet you at the beach. Imagine how stunning the photos will be. The photographer will have a field day capturing smiles all around. Skip the lengthy dress shopping process in place of a light and breezy outfit. Guests will appreciate the less formal dress code without sacrificing fashion. An outfit color scheme can help guide guests to pick what to wear. A beach wedding allows guests to kick back and enjoy one of life's greatest treasures - beach life! Encourage guests to pack a swimsuit for a group swim after the “I do’s.” Keep your signature theme going with personalized beach towels.

Lavish Experience Without the Cost

A smaller wedding party means lower costs and the ability to spoil your guests. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows the headache the cost can be. With an intimate wedding, these worries can melt away. Invite guests to meet you at your favorite restaurant for a multi-course dining experience or rent a room for a reception at the local brewery. A smaller wedding does not have to be simple, but it can be more fun. What's more, with a lower-cost wedding, the couple can reallocate funds to their future or honeymoon.

Having the wedding of your dreams no longer has to cost a fortune nor drain your social battery. With an intimate wedding, there is so much freedom to build an event that you and yours will remember fondly.


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