Interior Design Ideas: How to Have a Pinterest Worthy Home

Interior Design Ideas: How to Have a Pinterest Worthy Home

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to successfully decorate your home, but the task can certainly feel daunting. Don’t fret, if you don’t have a knack for interior design, it’s still entirely possible to have that Pinterest-worthy home of which you’ve always dreamed. Here’s a look at a few interior design ideas and easy decorating tips for beginners.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things at once. Instead, keep your home decorating simple. Start with one room or even just one piece of furniture. Think about what you want your ideal space to look like and select accents such as comforters to match. If you’re keeping existing furniture, choose complementary colors or a fun pattern to make your space pop. Once you’ve mastered one room, the rest gets easier from there.

Pick a Color Scheme

Before you make any purchases, choose a color scheme. First, are you doing a simple revamp or a complete makeover of your home decor? If you plan on painting, upgrading cabinetry or furniture, think over the colors you might want. There is an infinite amount of hues on the color scale, so choosing a scheme may seem daunting. Take the stress out of the situation by using the internet for inspiration. Simply type “room name color scheme inspiration” and look for a color palette you love.

If you’re working with existing furniture and wall colors, then choose fun accents like bathroom rugs that fit your current color scheme. You can do this by thinking about complementary colors — colors that appear the opposite on the color wheel. If you currently have mostly neutral tones in your home, then you can mix and match with virtually any color scheme. Choose something that reflects your family’s personality.

Find Your Style

There are many different types of interior design. From modern-chic to country classic, there’s something for everyone. To choose what you’ll love the most, think about the activities and things you like. Do you enjoy technology and modern architecture? Or are you more drawn to nature? Do you love to travel? Choose a theme that fits your personality. If you’re designing for your kids, think about the things they love, too. Monogrammed blankets with their favorite sports team or hobby is a huge hit. Home decor should directly reflect your style to have the most impact. At the end of the day, it’s all about self-expression.

Declutter Your Home

Nothing ruins decorating efforts quite like clutter. If you find yourself stepping over items in your home or opening drawers without being able to see the bottom, it might be time for a detox. If you have kids, start with utilizing kids’ toy storage. Use this opportunity as a lesson for your kiddos. Buy a few handy home storage items and then tell your kids they have a limited amount of space, to pick their favorites, and the rest gets donated.

Don’t forget to go through your entire home, too. Declutter your home with canvas storage bins and other handy items. If you haven’t used something in over a year, consider donating or selling it. Once you get rid of the clutter in your home, you can begin with a clean palette and decorate your freshly-organized space.

Start Small

Undergoing an entire home decor face-lift doesn’t need to be stressful. Chances are you have a knack for interior design, you just haven’t discovered it yet! Begin your home makeover with a small room, such as a bathroom or your bedroom.

Save areas that see a lot of use, like the family room and kitchen, for later. Begin with matching bathroom accessories or even bedding. Then go for a few wall hangings to match. Start slow and you’ll soon discover your inner design goddess.

Make a Statement

Sometimes you need just one statement piece to add intrigue to a room. If you find you like muted colors, then choose bold, floral throw pillows to draw the eye into the room. Every room should have an area of interest, whether that’s a bold light fixture, bright curtains, or just a splash of color to add a little spice. The result is a room with a focal point, which makes for excellent interior decorating. This budget-friendly trick can spruce up any space.

Overall, creating a stellar home doesn’t mean you have to be a Pinterest guru. Instead, use your style combined with a few home decorating tips to create the dream look you’ve always wanted in your home.


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