Indoor Spring Activities Your Entire Family Will Love

Indoor Spring Activities Your Entire Family Will Love

Though we all think of spring as a time of sunshine, flowers, and warmer days, spring also has tumultuous weather that can send people scurrying indoors for shelter from the rain, wind, or (dare we say it?) a rare spring snowstorm. So, while we’d all like to be outside enjoying the sun and warm weather, there is definitely a chance you will be spending some time together indoors as a family this spring. To help you deal with any rainy days indoors this spring, we’ve compiled some of our favorite indoor activities that the whole family will love!

Start Cooking

There are a few activities that are as fun as making cookies with the whole family. And spring—with all the fun, cheerful, and colorful holidays that happen between March and June—is the perfect time to get cooking with your favorite kitchen utensils and gadgets.

St. Patrick’s Day? Make some green shamrock cookies. Easter? Pastel, egg-shaped creations, or pink bunnies. Mother’s Day? Whatever mom likes, of course. Memorial Day? Red, white, and blue flags, naturally! Each of these holidays has great color combos to get you started on some fun, delicious, and memorable cookie creations.

Once you dedicate your day to cooking, have everyone in the family throw on some comfy casual clothes and meet in the kitchen to start baking. Laughs and fun are pretty much guaranteed. And the most important thing to remember? The taste of your cookies is way less important than the memories you are all making.

Family Yoga

Yoga is good for everyone in the family, even the dog. From your toddler to the grandparents, everyone can benefit from stretching, meditating, relaxing, and getting your mind off the stresses in your life. With so many channels and streaming services currently available, there are yoga options for everyone in the entire family.

Before you start your practice, just make sure everyone has a yoga mat, water, and the right yoga attire for their age and skill level. Of course, your little ones can wear kids’ leggings and a comfy women's T-shirt, while you can wear your favorite yoga pants and activewear top. Dads can wear men’s sweatpants or joggers—anything to get them on board. Surprising yet enjoyable, a family yoga class is a great indoor activity for spring. Just watch: It might even become a regular thing.

Have a Family Movie Night

There is nothing quite like watching movies on a rainy spring day! Before the movie starts, have everyone get into their favorite comfy pajamas, make some popcorn, and turn down the lights to set the vibe.

The only tricky thing about the movie night idea is finding a movie that the whole family wants to watch. One way to solve this problem is to keep track of who picks the movie, so every time a new movie night takes place, you can check who got to pick the last movie. Rotate through your whole family so everyone gets a chance. Trust us, some family members might be really surprised to see what movies they actually enjoy.

It’s Game Time

As your kids get older, a game night is a great way to get everyone on board (pun intended). Teens and college kids love board games and even card games, like poker or blackjack. While favorites like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit are terrific options, newer games like Cards Against Humanity and Apple to Apples are also seriously fun for the older kids.

Moms: Slide into your favorite slippers and women’s joggers, and prep for a night that proves to you just how smart your kids have become. It just blows your mind.

Get Slimed!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you probably know that slime (and making slime) is one of the hottest trends around for kids of all ages, especially the younger ones. And the good news for a day when everyone is inside together? Making slime is relatively simple.

Here’s our favorite easy recipe:

Yep, it’s that easy, but it definitely can be messy, especially if your kids want wild and crazy colors (trust us, they will)! Before they start mixing, make sure your little ones put on an old kids T-shirt over what they’re wearing, just to be safe. That will protect their clothes from glue and food coloring.

As you can see, there are so many great ideas for spring days or nights when your whole family is home together. From cooking and watching movies to board game battles and slime celebrations, these ideas are memorable and fun ways to bond as a family as spring blooms outside. Enjoy this time together as a family before summer pulls everyone back outside!


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