How to Incorporate a Cottagecore Vibe Into Your Holiday Decorations

How to Incorporate a Cottagecore Vibe into Your Holiday Decorations

Cottagecore is all the rage—and why not? The simplicity and comfort of cottagecore calls to most of us in the midst of our busy lives. Wouldn’t a little extra comfort be great, along with the joy this holiday season? Let’s look at some ways to incorporate a cottagecore vibe into your holiday decorations.


Candles are a perfect way to add a cottagecore vibe to your home this holiday season. Cottagecore is all about the appeal of things you might find in a cottage with an old-timey yet new vibe—handmade items and natural materials are key to cottagecore. Christmas candles provide both literal and figurative warmth while being timeless in their appeal. There is a reason that Christmas trees used to be lit with candles. They are beautiful and instantly make things look special. Not that we recommend that you put candles on your tree—there are also reasons not to do that—but the candle vibe is pure cottagecore.

Decorations from Natural Materials

Add a little cottagecore to your Christmas decorations by focusing on natural materials like wood and timeless looks like quilted cloth. Wooden tree ornaments can look lovely (either homemade or store-bought). And what is prettier than quilted Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care? Perhaps a simple wooden nativity set is in order. They can be beautiful and are often easier to find and more economical than their decked-out cousins.

Natural materials for Christmas decorations have several advantages. If you want to add a cottagecore vibe to your home this holiday season, they will fit right in. They also provide a serene look to any home. With all the daily busyness, electronics, and constant activities of our 21st-century lifestyles, natural materials look “quiet” and refreshing in contrast. They make you want to slow down, sip a cup of tea, and just enjoy your peaceful home and the people in it. Doesn’t that sound like a holiday treat?


Although Christmas greenery is also a natural material, for the holidays it practically stands alone as its own category. From boughs on mantels to wreaths on doors or surrounding candles to the tree itself, it is hard to get more festive or more natural than greenery. For a cottagecore vibe, use greenery liberally. Also, be thoughtful about the fabrics you choose for bows. A lovely Christmas plaid or a simple cloth bow will reinforce the look you are going for.

Leave the shiny fabrics and up-to-the-minute styles for other choices this year. Christmas greenery is an opportunity to create that same soothing feeling that you get from other natural materials. Of course, if you want to go for something you can use year after year (and doesn’t shed needles) opt for natural-looking man-made greenery. For a beautiful (but one season only) option, go for actual pine. The smell of real pine is yet another holiday treat that you and yours can enjoy.

Sweaters for Her

And don’t forget that beautiful sweaters can give you that cottagecore vibe too. For yourself or your daughters, opt for natural fabrics in simple colors and styles. A big, chunky women’s Supima cotton sweater over a simple dress says “cottagecore” and is one of the prettiest and simplest outfits you can put together.

Women’s cardigans are a natural for both the holidays and that cottagecore vibe. Stick with solid colors and make your holiday outfits extra cozy and pretty with a new cardigan. Keep the more ornate-looking sweaters for a time when you want a different look than cottagecore. It’s always good to have style options ready to go in your closet.

Sweaters for Him

Don’t forget the guys when it comes to cozy cottagecore sweaters! If the man in your life likes sweaters, he will eat up cottagecore. By definition, they are the most comfortable sweaters available and the easiest to throw on. A simple V-neck sweater or a cardigan sweater over a thin turtleneck will keep him cottagecore stylish. About the only sweater for guys that doesn’t fit cottagecore is a Steve Jobs style black turtleneck. If that is his preferred sweater, respect this (and enjoy how good he looks in it). Additional cottagecore fashion ideas for men include the ever-comfy flannel shirt or simple boots that he can wear with jeans or casual pants. Chances are there is something that he will love to wear that will add to the cottagecore vibe in your home this holiday season.

However you choose to add a cottagecore vibe to your holiday decorations this year, make it your own style. Choose the colors, fabrics, and overall look that will make you and your guests feel relaxed and right at home.


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