Ideal outdoor summer wedding looks for plus-size guests

Ideal outdoor summer wedding looks for plus-size shoppers

We believe that this summer will be positively crammed with weddings, and we couldn't be more thrilled for all the happy couples! Further, it seems that many, many weddings will be moved out of doors, which is understandable. Lots of people are simply more comfortable hosting their events outdoors after the difficulties we faced over the last year. This shift also means that new and different kinds of weddings are likely to be held outdoors the event could be anything from a potluck picnic to a seriously elegant cocktail party, so how will you know what attire is appropriate? How will you choose an outfit and stay comfortable in the heat? The question of what to wear can be particularly challenging for plus-size people, who shop proactively and depend on wardrobe versatility when last-minute shopping doesn't pan out. Here, were going to talk about some ideal looks for different outdoor summer wedding scenarios, so that you can plan exactly what to wear now and concentrate on celebrating with the happy couple instead of having a sartorial crisis!

Daytime Garden Weddings

Pretty garden weddings have been popular for decades, and probably will be forever. The couple books a park garden, or simply has the wedding at home, surrounded by natures beauty. If you get a text reading, We're getting hitched! Bring a hot dish! feel free to wear snappy capri pants or Bermuda shorts and a crisp sleeveless blouse to that wedding. That seems like family-and-best-friends-only for a truly casual affair where the wedding is secondary to the togetherness. However, if you receive a calligraphed invitation in the mail for a 2:30 wedding with cake and punch to follow, choose a sundress or similar. For years, a suit would have been considered the most appropriate outfit for this kind of wedding, but a suit may be impossible to wear in oppressive heat. Wrap dresses always look terrific on plus-size figures, but a linen shift or tank dress can be styled into an ideal wedding guest look, and if the weather is hot you will appreciate the lighter ensemble.

Evening Garden Weddings

Any wedding that begins after 6:00pm is automatically considered more formal than a daytime wedding. It will likely be followed by dinner, then cocktails and dancing. This is the perfect time to break out our Little Black Dress. For an outdoor wedding in the summertime, though, plus-size shoppers little black dresses may need a little more thought. A sleeveless fit and flare dress, styled with a major statement necklace, will be much more comfortable than your go-to cocktail dress. Consider a maxi dress for the dressy, swish of the skirt, but choose one with in breathable fabric, with cap sleeves and a deep V neck that will allow the air to cool your skin. This is the perfect time to rely on your accessories to style up a simple, comfortable dress. And yes, it's perfectly fine to wear a black dress to an evening wedding, though it is still generally frowned upon for daytime nuptials.

New kinds of weddings

Some couples will get extremely creative about their weddings under the new normal. Prepare for micro weddings, where the couple get married inside a courthouse while their 12 closest people wait outside to take photos and then eat at an outdoor restaurant together. There will be flowers and cake and the trappings of a traditional wedding, just on a very small scale. Take your cues on how to dress from the couple and the weather. Will the wedding be hip and dressy or chill and casual? Will they eat at a fashionable bistro or the local-fave diner? Choose based on that and keeping comfortable as you wait outside the courthouse and eat outdoors, too. A swingy skirt and a tank top might be just right, or a boho embroidered shift dress may be more in step with the event.

Another kind of wedding trending now is the guerrilla wedding. This is when a couple marries at a location without any sort of permission or reservations, most popularly at parks, museums and restaurants. It's the couple, the officiant, two witnesses and perhaps just perhaps a very few guests. The key to these weddings is to make them very small and the ceremony very fast, so if you're invited to attend one you can simply ask your host what to wear, but if your concerns are about keeping cool, remember that you may have to make a fast getaway! Something airy that won't show perspiration would not be amiss!

More couples are choosing to elope and throw an outdoor party afterward, especially those who were forced to postpone their nuptials repeatedly due to lockdowns and physical distancing. This is essentially a regular party except that you may choose to being a wedding gift, so choose your outfit as you would for any party. Choose something airy and strappy or keep it airy and flowy in this case it's up to you on how to keep cool and comfortable as a plus-size person with no thought of wedding-specific propriety.

Tips for keeping comfortable at any outdoor wedding

Celebrate joy

The most important thing about this wedding season is that many couples will be marrying after a considerable wait, having to postpone, or put off a ceremony and celebration with their friends and loved ones for a long, long time. If you need to put comfort first in order to celebrate their joy with them at an outdoor event, don't hesitate to cheat traditional wedding attire a bit. Celebrate love and joy in an ideal out-door-wedding outfit for plus-size shoppers, relishing the honor of being with the couple on their special day.


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