Iconic Dress Styles

Iconic Dress Styles

Celebrities are not only entertainers but also fashion icons and trend-setters. For example, when you think about Jennifer Lopez, how can you not recall that famous green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards? In fact, some dress styles became popular largely because of celebrity influence. Here’s a rundown of some of the most iconic dress styles worn by celebrities to help give you a little inspiration if you’re shopping for a special occasion dress.

The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is a popular style that was brought to the fashion scene in the ’70s by designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Wrap dresses are timeless, easily accommodate a variety of figures, and can either be dressed up or down. Plus, they can be worn with knee-high leather boots, like they did in the ’70s, or with pumps or strappy sandals. This customizability is perhaps why the wrap dress is still as trendy today as it was half a century ago.

A Chic White Sundresses

Another iconic dress style worn by a variety of famous celebrities is a simple, or not so simple, white cotton sundress. V-neck white sundresses with eyelet lace detail are great for dressy summertime events. Sleeveless white sundresses that look simple and classy are great as well, especially if you want your jewelry or accessories to be the star of the show, as many celebrities do. The great thing about a white sundress is that it serves as a blank canvas for whatever you want to use to style it. It accommodates all types of jewelry, colored sandals, and purses. No celebrity would forget the oversized sunglasses either.

Sweater Dresses

We’re jumping seasons here, but if you flip through any fashion magazine in the fall and winter, you’re sure to notice an array of different sweater dresses. But not all sweater dresses are made equally. Some are form-fitting, often matched with a pair of leather boots or strappy heels. Others are more loose and relaxed, focusing more on comfort. A relaxed sweater dress can easily be worn with a pair of sneakers or boots as well. Again, the shoes you wear and the accessories you choose for the dress are key if you want to really rock a sweater dress like an icon.

A Feminine Shirt Dress

The most spectacular thing about iconic dresses is how closely we correlate them to specific events or activities. For example, a celebrity may be photographed running errands while wearing a shirt dress, and suddenly we want to run errands wearing a shirt dress, too. But this is another example of a dress that has been photographed on a variety of style icons and in a variety of ways. It’s been matched with sneakers, looking like it’s just been effortlessly thrown on in the morning. It’s also been matched with pumps and dressy boots, tied at the waist with a belt, and worn the collars up, sort of resembling a timeless trench coat. No matter how you wear it, the shirt dress is an iconic wardrobe essential that’s here to stay.

A Billowy Babydoll Dress

This dress style has come and gone out of style, but it seems to be back in style again, thanks to songstress Ariana Grande. They’re typically billowy, fluffy-looking, long-sleeved dresses with a high neck and a short hemline. This is different from a maxi dress, which isn’t as boxy and tends to be longer. Short babydoll dresses are preferred by celebrities who want to draw attention to their legs, while longer babydoll dresses are favored by celebrities who want to take a break from form-fitting attire.

Dresses With Long Trains

While some celebrities have opted to wear mini dresses that hit at or above the knee for special events, one timeless and elegant choice that always makes an appearance is a satin dress with a long train starting at the waist. These dresses are often strapless, although many celebrities have chosen to wear sleeveless or long-sleeved dresses as well. While timeless, it is a versatile style that lends itself to many different iterations and, of course, accessories. Remember, it isn’t always the dress on its own that makes a look memorable: your hairstyle — whether you opt for a coifed updo or loose, long locks — your jewelry, your footwear, and your purse or clutch all combine to make a look iconic. And celebrities and their stylists are masters at putting together a complete look.

Breezy Maxi Dresses

One of the most popular yet effortless dress choices for a variety of celebrities is a breezy maxi dress. For such a simple dress, it’s amazing how transformative it can be. For example, there’s the maxi dress that twists at the front of the neck and circles around the collar bone. There are also maxi dresses with spaghetti straps and even strapless maxi dresses. Wearing any type of maxi dress is an easy way to emulate the look and class exuded by a wide variety of fashion icons, and you can stylize it for dressy or casual occasions.

Remember that it isn’t just the dress (or even the dress plus the accessories) that makes an icon an icon — it’s also the confidence, which is easier to achieve when you have a great-looking dress helping you out.


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