How to Choose the Best Women’s Winter Vests

How to Choose the Best Women’s Winter Vests

Vests are one of the best outerwear inventions. Trans-seasonal, functional, flattering, and just all-around awesome, vests are just one of those things you can easily wear all year long. Winter vests also make great layering pieces that for some become an absolute staple of their winter wardrobe. These stylish and practical layering pieces belong in everyone’s winter closet. Winter vests can be worn as added layers of insulation, cute layers over a cashmere turtleneck, or just around the house for those colder winter days. When choosing the winter vest that’s right for you and your style, take into consideration your climate, needs, and how you would wear your winter vest. Here are some things to think about when choosing the best women’s winter vest for you.

Choose the Right Materials

As with any outerwear, choosing the right material for your winter vest is important for style, function, and longevity. Not all materials are created equal. Some will keep you warm and dry while others will be more breathable and lightweight. One of the top choices of materials for winter vests is down. Down is one of the warmest fills for any outerwear because of how fluffy, soft, warm, and lightweight it is. Women’s down vests make some of the best winter vests because of how functional, practical, and comfortable they are. Another great choice for winter vest material is fleece. Fleece is warm, fuzzy, cozy, and perfect for layering and work great as added insulation. While these materials aren’t waterproof or windproof, you can also find winter vests with a shell of synthetic material that can act as a quick option for wetter winter days.

Flattering Fit

Just because it’s a vest doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look fabulous. Look for a winter vest that keeps you warm while enjoying the outdoors but also still feels flattering and stylish when wearing as a layer. Fleece vests especially make great choices for women looking for a winter’s vest that is functional and flattering. Fleece vests also make a great layering piece to wear year-round, not only for winter. Because fleece isn’t bulky and fleece vests for women are often cut to be more form-fitting for the silhouette, they can actually be stylish and flattering to your shape and make a great choice for a winter vest.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from having a flattering fit, you also want your women’s winter vest to be aesthetically pleasing. Vests don’t have to be frumpy and awkward. Quite the contrary. Vest styles these days come in so many prints, colors, styles, patterns, and quilts that finding something that looks as good as it feels should be easy. Rather than being worn just as a functional and practical item, also consider your winter vest to be something to wear as a style statement or accessory. If faux-fur lining or sherpa style is your thing, there are winter vest options that will work for you.

Functional and Fabulous

Functionality is a big part of choosing the right winter vest for you. While your choice of vest should be every bit of fabulous that you want it to be, functionality is also fundamental for a successful winter vest. Be prepared for cold weather with the right winter vest for your needs and region. While down and puffer-down vests are the warmest for colder weather, fleece vests are also warm and can be more versatile for layering and wearing year-round. Choose a down vest with an outer shell that works as a windbreaker and water-resistant layer to not just keep out the cold air but also to keep away the elements.

Down is truly the ultimate insulator and is best for those women looking for a highly functional vest for cold winters. One of our top choices for the woman who wants a warm winter vest but something highly versatile, convenient, and low-maintenance is the packable down vest. Lightweight and effortless without compromising on function and warmth, packable down vests are great choices for those ladies who want the function of an extra layer of warmth without the full feel of the added weight.

Washing Options

When choosing what women’s winter vest to buy, it’s important to consider washing options. How often are you going to be wearing your vest and what are you going to be wearing it for? If you are planning to do a lot of winter sports or outdoor activities where you will be sweating or getting yourself dirty, then get yourself a vest that’s easier to wash. Even if you’re not wearing your winter vest for any sports activity, you will still need to wash your vest at some point. Also, be sure to understand the washing instructions and if you can facilitate those at home. Sending a vest out for dry cleaning may be a hassle. Especially for down products, be sure that you follow the washing and care instructions to ensure your winter vest will maintain its shape and quality and last you for years to come.

Winter vests are some of the most versatile, functional, and fabulous outerwear items we love for women. Add a winter vest to your wardrobe this winter with these tips on what to look for when choosing the best women’s winter vest for you.


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