How to Layer Sweaters for Late Summer Evenings

How to Layer Sweaters for Late Summer Evenings

When it’s hot outside, the air conditioner is sure to follow. Even on the most humid summer nights, you’re bound to feel a brisk breeze or two. That means it’s time to crank up the AC and learn how to layer sweaters for late summer evenings.

Cardigan Sweater and Dress

This outfit combination sounds contradictory, but it’s quite practical and, not to mention, super cute. Use a maxi dress and a knitted cardigan to layer up. There are plenty of cardigans to choose from, so try a women’s cashmere cardigan sweater that buttons up. Opt for one that has long sleeves, falls at the mid hip, and has waist shaping to create a more feminine silhouette over your maxi dress. Wear a pair of statement brown or mustard sunglasses that can elevate any outfit. Consider adding a pair of sandals in a neutral brown color that you can even wear throughout the fall season so that you can be super cozy for your next date night out.

Pullover Sweater and Shorts

Break out your Daisy Dukes. Once you combine a pullover sweater with denim cutoffs and western boots, you’ll look like you’re ready for a late-night summer rodeo. The cozy pullover combined with the iconic denim short-shorts makes for an easy summer-to-fall transitional look that keeps you snuggly but not too warm. A pair of western-inspired boots add a little yeehaw flair. As for the pullover, you can double down on the attitude with a V-neck-style pullover. Want a pair of women’s shorts with a fun twist? Try a pair of cotton-poly blend fabric high-rise sport knit denim jean shorts with an elastic waist so you can have both style and comfort.

Short Dress and Long Cardigan

Check out women’s cotton sweaters like the shawl collar cardigan sweater that comes in perfect late summer and early fall colors like camel heather and pale gray heather Donegal. Layer this fashion-forward cardigan in a smooth blend over your short dress. This look is perfect for days when you don’t want to put a whole lot of effort into dressing up yet want to look like you did. Ease into your fall wardrobe with a mini dress that screams summer and a loose-knit long cardigan. Add a pair of neon heels to top it all off, and you’ll be the most stylish in the room in no time.

Knit Sweater and Skirt

You can actually wear a cardigan as a top, match it with a women’s skirt, and then throw on some cool white sneakers. This combination will give you that laid-back fashionista blogger look. Wearing your favorite cardigan sweater in a solid color with a midi slip skirt in an eye-catching pattern like floral or animal print will have your outfit turning heads. Try the reverse with a cardigan in a fun design and then a solid-colored skirt. Have fun with patterns all around, and even wear sneakers with a leopard print.

Prep School Style

If you don’t need the full-on sweater coverage, you can simply tie a long-sleeved knit sweater around your shoulders. A ribbed pullover or women’s cashmere sweater acts as a beautiful accessory. Channel a classic and preppy style to look effortlessly polished. When choosing a sweater, find one that is structured with a feminine fit yet has fun details such as ruffles or lace.

Pair your sweater top with a navy blue skirt like a solid box pleat skirt that rests just above the knee. It’s anything but basic and made for getting dressed fast and easy. The crisp pleats look freshly pressed from the dryer. That’s because the fabric shrugs off wrinkles — especially after a warm tumble through the dryer. But forget about the laundry. Just put on a headband, and soon your prep school style will be complete.

Nautical by Nature

Look like you’re about to set sail with an off-white textured sweater, shorts, and boat shoes. Available in classic colors like evergreen and deep navy, you’ll love the newly styled warm and versatile look. Alternatively, wear head-to-toe beige as a color that feels suitable for both the late summer and early fall. Throw in textural patterns to make these neutral colors a bit more interesting. For that ultimate transitional style, throw in a statement blazer like the women’s hopsack blazer to really have your sailor look come full circle.

Bathing Suit Cover-Up

You wouldn’t think about bringing a sweater to the beach, let alone the quintessential fall cashmere sweater. Contrary to popular belief, a soft cashmere sweater makes a gorgeous bathing suit cover-up when the sun goes down and the breeze rolls in. Who wants to be shivering on the beach in a damp towel? A sweater can be your stylish upgrade from the usual frumpy cover-up you have lying around.

Mixing seasons sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Light-weight sweaters are pretty practical for the summer. It’s perfect when you’re at the office, lounging at home, or on a hot date that saw a temperature drop at night. Whatever you choose, choose the right fabrics for your comfort, keep it lightweight, and don’t forget to style it.


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