How to Wear Embellished Jeans in 2023

How To Wear Embellished Jeans in 2023

Jeans are one of those fashion essentials that never go out of style, and everybody owns them. In fact, the average person owns seven pairs of jeans. There are so many different styles and types of denim to make jeans look appropriate for any occasion, no matter how casual or how fancy. But despite all the different colors of denim, lengths, waistlines, and cuts, some people prefer them to have a little more pop and pizzazz. Adding embellishments like sequins, pearls, metal hardware, and embroidery takes jeans to a whole new level, making them stand out from the crowd and highlighting the wearer’s sense of style. If you think it would be fun to wear embellished jeans but were uncertain as to whether they were in style, now’s the time to experiment. They’re all over the runway this year, and there’s no wrong way to wear them. Here are our tips on how to wear embellished jeans in 2023.

Choose the Right Style

Now that you know embellished jeans are in style this year, you may be wondering about which style of jeans to wear in terms of cut. For 2023, wide-legged, high rise jeans are all the rage. You may also see them called flare or bootcut jeans. The combination of the cut with the embellishments hearkens back to the ‘70s hippy scene, yet modern embellishment methods make them more modern. That’s not to say you can’t choose another style, though. Wide-legged capris are also in style, as are jeans that have a more subtle than obvious flare. Nonetheless, loose and lofty with a high waist are what you’ll see most this year.

Focus on the Where

Now that you’ve got the right style of jeans in terms of cut, focus on where you want your embellishments. You can find them on the front or back pockets, or both. You can also find them along the side of the thighs, all the way down to the hems where embellishments like lace or embroidery wrap around the ankle area. It all depends on how noticeable you want the embellishments to be. You can’t have too much. If you want just a touch of individuality, opt for something little like an embroidered small flower on one pocket. You may even find that it’s fun to sew it on yourself!

Be Dramatic

While embellishments can make jeans look fun and unique, they can also make a whole ensemble look dramatic, or even sexy. For date nights, consider wearing sequin women's black jeans with a glamorous black camisole or sheer blouse. Add some black pumps and stark red lipstick for a dramatic effect. If glitter isn’t your style, jeans with a handful of metal studs along the seam of the pockets are eye-catching as well.

Embrace Whimsical Embroidery

As mentioned with the small flower earlier, embroidery adds something special to jeans. This is probably because, when first looking at them, you automatically assume the embellishments took a long time to make, and with more attention to detail paid during the process. Again, the amount of embroidery will make a difference here, as a small amount on the pockets won’t be as noticeable as a bold pattern across wide-legged hems. Nonetheless, embroidery gives a vintage look to jeans. Combine them with a favorite casual women’s T-shirt for an effortless look that still stands out from the crowd.

Mix Up Your Denim

If you’ve ever seen a patchwork quilt, imagine that same look but with a pair of jeans — each patch of denim in a different color or wash, all sewed together in the shape of an attention-grabbing pair of jeans. Although that is certainly an extreme, funky type of embellishment, there are jeans out there that have the same effect but less intense. For example, you might have a dark wash pair of jeans with a one-inch strip of denim that is made of a lighter wash. Or maybe the pockets will be different. Regardless, this, too, is a popular style of embellishment for 2023. It’s sort of like wearing a denim top with jeans since you get two different colors or washes drawing upon each other to create a unique combination.

Find Your Feminine Side

We’ve talked about dramatic, whimsical, and funky embellishments, but maybe feminine is more your style. Lace and pearls can take a pair of jeans from drab to fab. Just make sure that if there are pearl embellishments, they’re located somewhere on the jeans where they won’t be uncomfortable or be at risk of falling off. You may also have to take special care when washing them. Pair your feminine embellishments with a silk camisole or women’s blouse to complete the feminine look.

Whether they have just a few extra details or a lot, embellished jeans are a fun way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit.


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