How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans Over 50

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans Over 50

Ah, boyfriend jeans. A wardrobe staple that is equal parts fashion and comfort. These denim jeans are, as the name implies, inspired by menswear: slouchy but not baggy and relaxed but slightly tailored. These pants are a go-to favorite of many.

Often associated with youth and alternative fashion trends, many older women think that distressed boyfriend jeans might not be an appropriate choice for their wardrobe anymore. We beg to differ! This style is truly for everyone. Here’s how to wear boyfriend jeans when you are over 50.

Adding a Flair of Feminine

One of the hesitations many have about wearing boyfriend jeans is the fact that they have a more masculine and slightly boxy appearance. This is also part of their appeal. Boyfriend jeans are a great choice for minimizing areas we may feel self-conscious about while simultaneously accentuating our more feminine features. They're loose-fitting in the thighs and crotch and, especially when paired with heels, have a wonderful slimming and lengthening effect on the legs.

You can really play up your feminine side and downplay any boyish lines of these pants by pairing them with a hyper-feminine silky, billowy blouse and a pair of heels. Another way to add some feminine flair to your boyfriend jeans is to skip the traditional belt and loop your favorite silky and colorful fashion scarf through the belt loops, tying it to the side.

Layering and Dressing for Cooler Weather

Boyfriend jeans are fantastic for layering and wearing in cooler weather. If you want to feel cozy and layered up while also looking put-together and fashionable for a busy day of running errands, meeting up with friends, or even heading to the kids’ soccer game, reach for your boyfriend jeans.

Because of their relaxed fit, boyfriend jeans are a great choice for layering warm fleece leggings underneath. Pair them with some warm but fashionable socks, scrunched at the ankle, and your favorite ankle boots. Cuff your boyfriend jeans to show off your cute socks and boots and you’re ready to go.

Boyfriend Jeans for Warmer Weather

These jeans are incredibly versatile and can just as easily be worn in the summer as they can in the winter. When wearing jeans in the summer, opt for lighter and softer denim fabrics and colors such as white or light wash jeans. And who said you shouldn’t wear ripped or distressed jeans over 50? Not us! Fashionably and strategically ripped boyfriend jeans are the perfect summer pants choice, as you will be kept extra cool even in the sun.

Wearing your boyfriend jeans with a comfy t-shirt will be cool and comfy, but pairing boxy and loose-fitting pants with a boxy and loose-fitted top can make your whole look seem boxy or ill-fitting. Pair your summer boyfriend jeans with a silky white blouse or a breezy gauzy top. You can even opt for a t-shirt, just be sure it is slightly fitted. Finish your look by half-tucking your top into the front of your jeans.

Pairing and Elevating with Perfect Footwear

Boyfriend jeans are also a great opportunity to show off your fancy footwear. Almost any type of shoe can be worn with the boyfriend jean. Are you headed out for a day of activity? Throw on your boyfriend jeans and your favorite street sneakers. Getting ready for a date night? Boyfriend jeans also pair fantastically with stiletto heels.

Depending on your office environment and the type of work you do, boyfriend jeans can also be a great business casual piece. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a chic and tailored blazer, and a pair of patent leather flats for a classically stylish and casual but polished office look. When the weather is on the chilly side, simply swap your stilettos or flats for a pair of ankle booties. To really elevate your look, add some height and length by pairing your boyfriend jeans with platform chunky sneakers.

Choosing the Best Boyfriend Jeans for You

There is some considerable variation between the cuts and styles of different boyfriend jeans. Because of this, there are a few factors you may want to consider before purchasing your own pair. Keep in mind that while this style is meant to be relaxed and loose-fitting in certain areas, they should not be falling off of you or bunching in awkward or uncomfortable places. These pants create a wonderful silhouette that should show off your waistline and create an hourglass-like figure while lengthening the appearance of your legs. For an extra-slimming appearance, pair with a half-tucked boatneck top.

The boyfriend jean is all about finding the place where comfort meets fashion, so experiment with these looks and find the chicest comfy look for you.


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