How to Wear Animal Prints in Winter

How to Wear Animal Prints in Winter

When you’re looking for a chic yet eye-catching way to spice up your outfits, nothing does it better than an animal print. These unique types of faux patterns take their cue from the remarkable creatures in nature and the beauty they possess, so they’ll be showstoppers when you incorporate them into your outfits this winter. Whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of animal print in your winter outfits or you want a completely dramatic outfit for a special occasion this season, there are dozens of sophisticated and fun ways to pull off animal print with your winter wardrobe.

Pair Animal Print Tops With Casual Jackets

Make animal print a focal point of your look by choosing a blouse or top that showcases the design. Light and medium-weight blouses in these prints can work in winter. Just be ready to layer them well. Choose a simple solid-colored cami to wear under your blouse, and pair it with a chic jacket for ultimate style. Denim jackets, casual blazers, and more can all look great in this ensemble.

Take It Up a Notch With Animal Print Scarves

Looking to make a splash with animal print this winter without making the look too dramatic? Try the style out with a scarf. An animal print scarf has just the right amount of chic and bold without going over the top. Since the scarf adds interest, this is a great way to enhance the look of your favorite winter pieces like turtlenecks, basic tops, and long-sleeved blouses.

You can wear it around your neck in a variety of ways, including looped, hanging down straight, or tied off to the side. Keep in mind that you can use animal print fashion scarves in other ways, such as tied to your handbag to boost your accessory look or worn as a casual belt with a simple white top and jeans.

Try Bold Leggings or Pants for a New Look

Print pants can be a great way to change up all the neutral pants looks in your closet. Choosing them in leggings or other pants is really an on-trend way to wear them this winter. The key is to create balance by not wearing too many animal prints on other pieces. If you choose animal print leggings, for example, a solid-colored neutral tunic and chunky necklace will be enough to make the look stunning. Animal print pants and simple sweaters, plain tees, or basic button-up blouses will all create a cool, balanced vibe that hits the mark.

Shoes, Socks, and Tights Create Subtle Style This Winter

Ready to grab a great new pair of ankle boots this winter? Take a walk on the wild side, and choose a look that incorporates animal print. You can find cold-weather shoe styles that just incorporate a little bit of print, such as on a strap or pointed toe, as well as designs that have all-over animal prints. Any kind of animal print design on your footwear instantly jazzes up the style. If you want just a hint of print, try wearing socks with an animal print under neutral-toned women’s shoes.

Make Your Handbag the Center of Attention

Wearing a handbag with animal print is a great winter option because it adds a bold, warm element to any cold-weather style. It’s also a great way to experiment with a bit of animal print if you've been holding back on trying other styles. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with animal print in your accessories, you’ll be ready to give it a go anywhere in your outfit.

Animal Print Jackets Can Add Pizzazz to Winter Outfits

Love looking pulled together without adding too many elements into the mix? An animal print jacket could be just right. Pairing an animal print in a jacket with winter tops and bottoms will create amazing looks. Try one over a turtleneck and pants that are similar in color and tone to take any monochromatic look to a whole new level. Try it with solid tops and bottoms in your favorite colors for bold yet elegant styles.

Can You Mix and Match These Patterns?

Wearing an animal print is easy, but can you mix and match multiple prints? Maybe. Too many prints can make an outfit look busy, or the prints could clash, so your best bet is to choose a piece or two to complement one another rather than wearing animal prints all over.

Warm Up With Winter Animal Prints

Your winter wardrobe should have plenty of pieces that let you create great outfits. From tried-and-true basics to on-trend prints, variety will keep your wardrobe in style all season. Try out an animal print this year to add a chic new element to your look!

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