How to Wear a High-Cut Bikini Bottom With Confidence

How to Wear a High-Cut Bikini Bottom With Confidence

If you’re looking for a new swim style to try, suit up in a high-cut bikini bottom. High-cut swim bottoms are meant to elongate your legs. These swim bottoms also hide less of your skin if that’s your intent. This flirty trend became popular in the 80s but is coming back in style. You might feel intimidated to reveal so much skin, but don’t worry. Anyone can look and feel their absolute best while donning a high-cut bikini bottom. Read our tips on feeling confident wearing this style—no matter your age or size.

Choose the Best Fit

To this day, it’s still easier to find a range of regular-sized styles for women—no matter the category. However, more brands are providing a wide range of apparel in additional categories to support every body type. Plus-size swimwear, for example, offers similar chic designs and colorways as regular sizes. Plus-size swimwear provides optimal coverage where needed while still letting you look your absolute best. Find the plus-size swimwear that will let you enjoy your day at the beach while looking fabulous. Look for features that will offer you additional support, such as ruching and tummy control.

Like plus size, petite swimwear also comes in a wide range of styles. Petite sizes are meant to fit women of a short, smaller build. And, if you have a long torso, look for the indicator “long.” If you are a usual customer of an online retailer, use features such as a size predictor to choose your correct size based on past purchases. This feature is useful because brands determine their sizes differently.

Don a Style You Love

After figuring out the size that works best for your body, explore various styles, too. A timeless black swim bottom looks good on pretty much everyone. Plus, solid black can match almost every color, print, or pattern. However, what’s the fun in sticking to the same old style? Consider trying something new to elevate your look. Consider a brighter shade for your swim bottom. Bright yellow, red, orange, and neon will do.

Animal-printed high-cut swim bottoms might allow you to feel bold and beautiful. You have plenty of choices when it comes to animal prints, such as leopard, cheetah, and zebra. You don’t have to go with the classic color schemes, either. Try animal prints that consist of pink, blue, green, and purple shades. You will certainly stand out from the crowd rocking suits like these. There are plenty of swim prints to consider, such as nautical stripes, florals, and much more. There are even reversible swim bottoms that’ll give you two swim styles in one in case you get bored.

Pick Out the Right Swim Top

Elevate your confidence by matching your swim bottom with the right swim top. There are plenty of swim tops to complete your look. A triangle bikini top is a classic silhouette that might come to mind when you hear the word bikini. The name comes from the shape of the fabric covering your breasts. A halter bikini top is usually secured around the neck with ties or a clasp and offers more coverage than a triangle top.

A bandeau is typically made from one piece of fabric that wraps around the chest. For more security, you might go for a one-shoulder swim top, which offers an asymmetrical look. A tankini provides a middle ground between a traditional bikini top and a one-piece swimsuit, with some offering more coverage than others. For ultimate coverage, rashguards provide coverage from the sun if you need more.

Style With Accessories

Looking your best on the beach, pool, and everywhere else—no matter what you’re wearing—is more than flattering your figure or picking out the best style. Find fashionable accessories to take your look to the next level. Beach cover-ups can offer more personality to your look. A flowy kaftan, for example, offers an elegant finish to your overall ensemble while providing head-to-toe coverage. You can find hooded and cardigan cover-ups, too, for a more casual look. If you want to just cover up your bottom, wide-leg cover-ups will allow you to do just that. Other accessories can also aid in the style game, such as designer sunglasses, sunhats, a baseball cap, water shoes, beaded jewelry, and so much more!

Rock Your Style—Anywhere!

After figuring out the head-to-toe style that works best for you, find a destination, and flaunt your look! An easy choice is the beach, where you can kick back and relax with your favorite novel, have dinner beachside, try an adventure sport, or just enjoy the water. Visit a new resort and relax poolside or by the sea. Resorts might offer additional features you might not find at a beach, such as a spa. Finally, you can rock your favorite swim look at a neighborhood pool, which might be more accessible for some.

Wear the high-cut swim bikini that lets you look as fabulous as you feel. Choose the shade, print, or pattern that works for you! Match it with your favorite swim top and accessories. Before heading to your destination, pack personalized beach towels, water, and more in a matching canvas tote bag. And remember to have a good time while feeling confident!


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