Take your slippers with you: travel tips your feet will love.

Who says you have to leave all the good comforts back at home? Well, nobody actually says that. But we convince ourselves that all the headaches and backaches that add up to travel pale in comparison to a good night's sleep. Since you can't take your mattress with you, what's the next best thing?


Once you hit the open road or lift off from the runway you'll find that a good pair of slippers are your new travel standard.

Best slippers for traveling?

What you want is a good shoe, not something like a flimsy pair of flip flops. These shearling bootie slippers are not only comfortable for slipping on and off, they're a completely practical option if you're dashing to the next terminal or taking a big stretch at a highway rest area. When you're hopping between the indoors and outdoors these aren't seen as bedroom slippers, these are your travel slippers.

Which slippers are most comfortable on a plane?

It's nearly an American tradition: bargain shopping for plane tickets and learning on the day of your flight that it's your lucky day and you got that window seat. No, you earned that window seat. You board last and walk past the gloomy faces realizing as you sit down that each and every seat on the plane is bad. It's a bad flight. That makes for grumpy passengers, grumpy service, and an altogether terrible experience. However ...

You take a look around and everybody is in their own state of discomfort. The tallest person on the planet has their legs stretched out in the middle of the aisle. People will trip, the snack cart will be delayed, tempers will flare. Somebody else has their knees up against the seat ahead of them, almost fetal position, clearly uncomfortable. There's a child standing on the seat in front of you: screaming. Just screaming.

But hey, you expected this would happen. Those suede clogs were great for getting through airport security and now that you're on the cramped plane you're all good to go. You put your noise cancelling headphones on, stretch your legs under the seat, lean on your neck pillow, and feel the luxury of your slippers. It could always be worse, but you prepared for it.

Can you drive in slippers?

It's often misconstrued that driving barefoot is an illegal activity. That if the police start to tail you, you better have a decent pair of sneakers to slip on in case of an emergency. Or maybe it's a myth parents tell their kids when they turn 16.

Truth is: you can definitely drive barefoot and this lack of a law also includes driving in slippers. To be fair, state laws suggest proper footwear. Some people think this means they're criminals when all they're doing is driving the way they prefer to drive. Even though you're driving in the shoes you wear to sleep, we recommend a coffee just to be sure.

What if your slippers get wet?

If you got too close to the hotel pool and your slippers get splashed you should act fast and pat them dry with a clean towel. Do not use a hair dryer as it may damage the material (suede and leather). It may take some time to air dry but it's the safest bet if you want to uphold the quality of your slippers. If you really got them soaked (like if you forgot to take them off before hopping in the shower) then you'll be best off stuffing the slippers with paper towels and letting them sit drying overnight.

If you want to water proof your slippers there are water resistant sprays you can use so that the vacation rain doesn't ruin your trusty slippers.

Which slippers can be worn outside?

The best slippers to wear outside are a bit more sturdy than the usual house shoes. The sole is thicker, made of rubber, and can handle more weather. These fleece clog slippers are great for exactly that and act as far as traveling goes, you can grab the free breakfast at the hotel and scurry off to the car without any fuss in-between.

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