How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party for Younger Kids

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party for Younger Kids

Make your kids’ birthdays as memorable as ever, no matter the condition, by throwing a virtual birthday party. From being sick or injured to living far away, there are plenty of reasons why kids may not celebrate their birthday in person surrounded by family and friends. You can still show your kids how much they mean to other people by throwing a fun party. Choose an exciting theme, send out snazzy invites, purchase thoughtful gifts, decorate, and celebrate on the big day.

Choose a Fun Theme

Before sending out the invites, choose an exciting theme your kids will love. From role-playing to game night, there are plenty of themes out there.

PJ Party

Let your kids have fun while remaining cozy. Plan a PJ party where all participants have to wear kids’ pajamas. Young kids will love catching up with their friends while keeping comfy. It’ll be just like a slumber party but virtual. Let them get cozy underneath fleece blankets and lounge with throw pillows. Whether they’re playing games through an app or having fun with trivia, warm and comfortable elements will let them feel like they’re in the same room together. Want to add more fun? Make hot chocolate and toss in some marshmallows.

Game Night

Game night is always a blast. Plus, there are plenty of games to choose from that the little ones will still be able to play virtually. Parents may need to help, but your kids and their friends will still have tons of fun. Download apps or have a trivia night. Let them connect with their friends through the game consoles of their choice. Or play card games. Dress them up in something they can relax in, like hoodies and sweatshirts.

Movie Night

Bring out the popcorn! A fun virtual birthday party idea is having a movie night. Purchase the latest flick they’ve been dying to watch or stream their favorite movie. Pop some popcorn and buy some tasty treats or make a snack bag with candy and other yummy treats and pour them some soda. Send the link to the movie so everyone can enjoy it together.

Dance Party

Let them show off their favorite dance moves by throwing a virtual dance birthday party. Act as the DJ and have their favorite tunes lined up to play. Incorporate a dance-off where the winner wins a prize.


If your little ones are into a particular cartoon or movie, have a themed birthday party based on their favorite characters. For example, if they’re into Harry Potter, have everyone dress up as characters from the series.

DIY Spa Party

For little ones who like to be pampered, throw a DIY virtual spa party with their closest pals. Purchase some kids’ slippers and a matching robe for them and their friends. Let them snack on their favorite treats while they soak their feet. And help your little ones paint their toenails.

Send Out the Invites

Once you decide on a theme, send out the e-invites. Include the video-hosting platform, date and time, theme, dress code, and your address in case anyone wants to send gifts. If you are providing snacks and drinks, get everyone’s address. Jazz up the invites with cool graphics, and send them away.

Pick Out Thoughtful Gifts

Purchase gifts they’ll cherish all year long. Pick out a few practical items or wrap up exciting gifts or cozy attire.

Practical Gifts

Pick out some cool graphic T-shirts, fashionable swimwear, kids’ hoodies, or sweatshirts they can wear from school to the weekend. Purchase a few denim shorts, jeans, and leggings for multiple styling options. Kids’ winter boots will keep them warm and toasty in the winter. Or you can purchase some of the latest streetwear sneakers so they can show off wherever they go.

Fun Gifts

Buy them fun games, electronics, or comic books. If your birthday boy or girl is a budding music lover, purchase a guitar or another instrument of interest. Or give a new journal, arts and crafts, and toys.

Cozy Gifts

Purchase cozy gifts that’ll keep them warm. High-quality clothes are reliable, practical, and stylish gifts for kids of all ages. Jackets, vests, coats for boys, and coats for girls will keep them nice and toasty on frigid days. Fleece jackets will have them looking sleek and cool. Lightweight down jackets provide ideal insulation for chilly conditions, and packable down jackets are perfect for adventurous days.

Super-soft cotton and cashmere boys’ sweaters and sweaters for girls, such as pullovers, cardigans, and knit vests, will get them through winter school days. Or invest in quality pajamas for kids so they can lounge in them all day long.

Decorate & Celebrate

Decorate the backdrop. Tie and hang balloons, garland, a banner, and more. Purchase matching napkins, a tablecloth, plastic utensils, and paper plates. Bake a yummy cake and display it while everyone sings, “Happy Birthday.” If you’re throwing a themed party, test your artistic skills by decorating based on the theme. You may shop online for kits that include everything you’ll need for your party.

Finally, have fun on the big day! Let the party flow naturally, as if it were in person. Let the kids lead the conversation and catch up with their buddies. Plus, allow for free time to open gifts and say, “Thank you!”

Virtual birthday parties can be just as exciting as in-person parties. Plan for an amazing virtual birthday party that little ones will remember for a lifetime.

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