How to Throw a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids

How to Throw a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt for Your Kids

Chocolate eggs. Jellybeans. Bunny-themed arts and crafts. It’s Easter! Easter is a day filled with fun activities — from dying hard-boiled eggs to decorating Easter baskets. Switch things up this year by having a virtual Easter egg hunt for the kids.

You heard that right! When planned, you can conduct an exciting Easter egg hunt for your kids, their loved ones, friends, and the neighborhood kids without ever gathering in one place. If a virtual Easter egg hunt is something that piques your interest, read on for tips to make this exciting event come to life.

Choose the Right Video-Hosting App

Before planning the hunt, choose the best app you know will hold up during the event. You have plenty of choices these days, so take your pick: Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype are the most popular. Test out the apps before the event. Make sure everyone knows how to use the app, too. Knowing where the chat box is and how to use the camera is a must for adult and kid participants.

Come up with a Game Plan

After choosing a video-hosting app, come up with a game plan. Coordinate with the other parents on hiding the eggs all in the same place. Select places that most families most likely have. Behind the couch, in the sugar or fruit bowl, storage baskets, in the coat closet, etc., are all perfect common spots. For more of an adventure, hide some outside, too (such as in outdoor furniture.

Afterward, decide whether to scatter clues around the homes (especially if you have more activities planned for the day and want the kids to find the eggs quickly), the number of eggs to hide, the type of goodies, and the rules of the hunt. Will there be a prize for the first kid to find all the eggs? Will you hide only candy-filled eggs or also hard-boiled eggs? How many hints are the kids allowed to receive? Come up with rules to ensure the game goes by without a hitch.

Send e-Invites

After planning the event, send out the e-invites. Jazz them up with Easter-themed graphics (bunnies, eggs, ducklings, etc.), the time, and the login information for the video-hosting platform of choice. Alternatively, you can just text, call, or email everyone, but lets us not kid ourselves; that’s not as fun as sending a festive invite.

Dress Up (or Down)

What’s the dress code? You can have them dress in comfortable yet stylish apparel, such as pastel and floral skirts or dresses for girls and button-down shirts and vests for boys. Or let everyone wear casual attire, such as kids’ jeans, cardigans, T-shirts, and polos. Whether they dress up or down, remember to take and post plenty of photos.

Equip the Kiddos with Tech

The day has arrived! Time to discuss the rules. Make sure the kids have their smartphones ready to go. Download any app if needed. Make sure the camera is running smoothly, and before starting, go over the essential features of the video-hosting app. Finally, have the adults monitor the game from their laptops or desktop computers.

Let the Game Begin!

Once everyone knows all the rules, ready, set, go! As the kids find the eggs, have them take photos and upload them into the app’s chat. If the kids are especially young, they may need a companion to help them take photos and navigate the app. Alternatively, you can avoid having the kids upload pictures along the way by setting a timer and having the kids find as many eggs as possible before the timer goes off. Have the parents keep track of who’s uploading what into the chat and give pep talks to keep spirits high.

Lend a Helping Hand

There’s the winner, and then there’s, well, the others. Some kids may need more time to locate the eggs indoors and outdoors. So, give them time to explore and find the treasures on their own. However, if you’re pressed for time, perhaps lend a helping hand by providing additional clues.

Celebrate to Continue the Fun

Afterward, celebrate the conclusion of the most awesome Easter egg hunt ever by giving each participant a basket filled with even more treats! Toys, candy, snacks, stickers, you name it, are ideal for the gifts. Then, continue the party with music, games, dancing, food, and overall, pure fun. Ensure every parent decorates their main party areas beforehand with balloons, garland, decorative hand towels for wiping hands, and the kids’ artsy creations.

Say Your Goodbyes

Finally, let everyone catch up with their friends. They probably have so much to say. Then, thank all participants before ending all the fun. Perhaps plan for another epic virtual holiday activity or just a movie night to watch the latest flick together. Remember to upload photos onto social media or send out photos afterward.

If you’re not into the virtual trend, you can always conduct your hunt while keeping socially distant in the neighborhood park or on the church grounds. Or Google to look for cool virtual Easter egg hunt games to play with others, plan an event, and have fun! No matter what you choose to do, you’ll undoubtedly make lifelong memories.


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