How To Style Your Kids in Flannel

How To Style Your Kids in Flannel

There’s a reason boys flannel shirts and flannel shirts for girls are a family favorite. The fabric’s gorgeous pattern combined with stylish cuts and super warm material makes it irresistible no matter how it’s used. From pajamas to sheets, to clothing and outerwear, flannel is the kind of material that we can’t get enough of. As it turns out, kids love it just as much as adults do, and the style suits them perfectly. But how to style kids in flannel shirts? It turns out that once you’ve got the right flannel piece, you can’t go wrong. Here are a few ways to style your kids in these fun flannel looks.

The Flannel Shirt

The perfect shirt for boys and girls alike, the flannel shirt is a winner for school days, with its comfortable, sturdy fabric that won’t tear or wear through easily. Kids adore the fun patterns and colors, and the slightly grown-up air this kind of shirt gives off. Style it buttoned-up or undone on boys with a cute pair of jeans or khaki pants to make them the best-dressed kid in class.

It also looks super stylish unbuttoned with a cool graphic tee underneath, for a little throwback to the '90s (they weren’t born yet, but they can still appreciate it). On girls, we love it buttoned up or over a tee shirt too, as well as with an adorable pair of jeans or paired with a pencil skirt. Sleeves easily roll up and stay up for arts and crafts, and the washable fabric won’t fade or wear out when things get messy.

We love how the kids flannel shirt is perfect for special occasions as well as everyday wear. It’s so easy to get your child dressed for school when you suggest they throw on their flannel, but it’s also a breeze to get them out the door for family events or holidays when you have a few flannel shirts in their arsenal. Pair it with a nice pair of pants or a skirt and tights with a more formal pair of shoes and they’re ready for the family photo op, while still staying super comfortable.

Flannel Outerwear

Flannel outerwear lets kids show off the fun pattern and soft fabric even when they’re outside in the cold. A long-sleeve hooded flannel shirt is perfect for the playground, setting your child apart and letting them show off their personality as they run around and have fun. There are countless ways to wear flannel accessories as well. The flannel scarf adds a sophisticated touch to a child’s outdoor ensemble and happens to be extra warm for those super cold days as well. Flannel ear muffs are another family favorite, keeping kids’ ears extra warm in style.

Flannel Pajamas

An excellent birthday or Christmas present, flannel pajamas are a kid’s dream for cold weather slumbers and playing around at home. Whether you choose to dress them in flannel pajamas for boys or girls flannel pajamas with a cotton top or t-shirt or invest in the whole set, these PJs will keep them cozy and warm during the colder months

We love the traditional plaid pattern for flannel pajamas, but we also adore mixing it up with a fun pattern. Matching pajamas are perfect for the whole family, especially for Christmas morning present-unwrapping. We love pretty much any pattern when it comes to flannel PJs, though, so embrace your child’s favorite animal, print, or pattern and let them express their personality through their PJs.

Flannel for kids is worth investing in because of how long it lasts and how versatile it is—the fabric itself is good for so many uses during the colder months, and the print goes with just about anything, whether you wear it on the inside or out. It’s eye-catching and bold, but still classic and minimal, making your child stand out in style. If your kids love flannel shirts, outwear, earmuffs, and pajamas, we have a feeling they’ll love flannel sheets and blankets too.

Be sure to check out our collection of kids flannel, from kids flannel shirts to kids flannel sheets, to enjoy all the benefits that this wonderful fabric has to offer no matter what the season.


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