How to Style Sweaters Over Dresses

How to Style Sweaters Over Dresses

Take your favorite summer dresses into the fall by learning how to style them like a pro with your favorite sweaters. It might be tempting to pack away all those dresses with incoming cooler temperatures, but don't pack them away just yet. Instead, explore pairing a sweater over a dress that might otherwise be too chilly to wear. The truth is, most dresses look amazing when styled correctly with a great sweater. You can still wear your favorite dresses into fall with some of these styling hacks.

The Best Dresses for Styling With Sweaters

While some dress styles are a little better for pairing with a sweater, some cuts and styles do well when worn with sweaters. For example, we love the look of a long and flowing maxi dress worn with a cropped chunky sweater on top. This gives you more coverage for cooler temperatures while also accentuating your waist and offering the visual of more length to your figure. Give your look a little sass by choosing a maxi dress with a slit and wearing it with a pair of knee-high or calf-high boots for a stylish and comfortable fall look.

The midi dress is the perfect fall dress that gives you just enough coverage and comfort for the weather, while also showing enough leg to let your choice of boots or shoe be an integrative element of your outfit. Style your midi dress with a pair of boots, opaque tights, and a chunk knit crop sweater, cowl neck sweater, or cardigan tied with a belt for an ultimate fall look. This way, you can still wear your summer midi dress by styling it for fall.

Contrary to what you may assume, wearing mini-style or shirt dresses into the fall can definitely be done if styled well and dressed appropriately for the weather. Shirt dresses styled with your favorite V-neck pullover sweater, or corded sweater is a prep-inspired trend that we’re loving. Think wearing a collared button-up shirt under a sweater or sweater vest, except your collared button-up shirt is a dress. Make this look perfect for fall temperatures by wearing leggings or wool tights and a pair of boots.

The Best Sweaters for Wearing With Your Dresses

While you can make any sweater work over your dress, there are some sweaters that style easier than others for a more streamlined and balanced look. Sometimes long or overly tight sweaters can look a little strange and frumpy when worn over a dress, so it’s good to get the right sweater for the job. Usually, the best kind of sweater to wear with your dress is a chunk knit, an oversized sweater, or a cropped sweater. Chunky cardigans can also look great, depending on the dress.

When wearing a sweater over your dress, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s ideal for the sweater hemline to be at or near your waist so you can accentuate your natural shape instead of flattening it. Unless the hemline of your sweater cinches your waist in a nice way, it’s preferable to have the shape of the sweater be looser and flowing. It’s good to choose a sweater that is tailored and accentuates your shape rather than adding bulk. Turtlenecks are also a great choice as the neck offers a nice addition to your silhouette.

Another good thing to keep in mind when choosing a sweater is that it’s not too tight-fitting. Tight-fitting sweaters can cause bunching, which takes away from the streamlined effect of your outfit. Instead, make sure your sweater is looser fitting and adds enough dimension to the outfit without being bulky or too tight. This is why we also recommend choosing oversized or chunky knit sweaters, as they tend to add the right amount of dimension without making your silhouette look too bunched.

The Secret Weapon

When wearing a sweater over your dress, there is a secret weapon that will ensure what you choose will always look good. This secret weapon is a waist belt. When you can add a belt to this outfit, you’re always going to get the shape and silhouette that you desire. Take a waist belt and put it around your waist over the dress, securing it with a little extra room. Put on your sweater and casually tuck the bottom of the sweater into the belt. Let some of the sweater hang over the belt while leaving just enough room so you can still see the belt and shape of your waist. Using a wait belt like this is the ultimate way to wear a sweater over a dress without making it look too bulky or ill-fitting. You can also use a waist belt to secure a cardigan over your dress while accentuating your waist.

Sweaters and dresses go together beautifully. And with these styling tips, you can definitely wear your favorite summer dresses into the autumn.

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