How to Style Plus-Size Swimwear for a Day at a Cancun, Mexico Resort

How to Style Plus Size Swimwear for a Day at a Cancun, Mexico Resort

You’re heading to the white sands of Cancun, Mexico? Yay, you! Let’s look at some plus-size swimwear to help you look and feel great while you enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Black and White

If you are looking for a fun and sophisticated swimwear look, consider black and white. This can mean a plus size swimsuit in solid black, solid white, or a combination of the two paired with a swimsuit cover-up in white and or black. White, in particular, looks great for swimsuit cover-ups, and it will keep you cooler because white reflects the sun. The simplicity of black and white creates an instant elegance.

A glamorous yet classic choice is the all-black one-piece swimsuit. It is an iconic look. From the days of Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid, women have been looking fabulous in black one-piece suits. Black tankinis are a great option, too. Consider making a statement with a midi or maxi-length white swimsuit cover-up to contrast with the naturally short look of the swimsuit. Add black sandals and a great sun hat to complete the look.

Mixing and Matching Without Messing Up

Mixing and matching swimsuits, cover-ups, and plus-size tankini tops and bottoms are a great way to create different ensembles. Just don’t try to mix too much. A good rule of thumb is that you can put anything with a neutral color, for example, you could wear black bikini bottoms or swim shorts with any color of tankini top. You can usually mix and match colors as long as the undertones of the colors are the same — both blue undertones, both pink undertones, or both yellow undertones. If you would like to learn more about what colors work with your skin tone and eye color, consider looking online for seasonal color analysis sites. This can be a great way to create a go-to collection of colors that you know will look good on you.

Mixing two or more patterns in the same outfit is the trickiest fashion feat to pull off, but it is not impossible. Stick with one simple pattern and one that is more complex. Don’t have more than a few colors in the entire combination. For example, black and white stripes will go with many simple floral patterns, but mixing a tie-dye look with a floral pattern would be too much for most of us. When mixing and matching, it’s best to wear the “heavier looking” color or pattern on the bottom of your outfit. For example, wear black bikini bottoms or a navy plus-sized swim skirt with a floral top or a bold black and white stripe on the bottom with a pastel top. Your outfit will look more balanced and pleasing to the eye this way.

Always Have a Spare Suit

When you are vacationing in one of the most beautiful places on the earth, you will always want to have a dry swimsuit at the ready. Plan on packing at least two so you can have one drying and one ready to put on before you head out to the beach. For a little variety, why not add a plus size swim dress to your swimwear wardrobe? This one-piece wonder is an instant outfit and a fun departure from other styles of swimwear.

Why Not Try Tie Dye?

A day in Cancun, Mexico, is a great excuse to break out your favorite tie-dye looks. You are on vacation, after all! This could mean a cute tie-dye swimsuit paired with a neutral swimsuit cover. Another fun option is to wear an oversized tie-dye men’s T-shirt with board shorts as a swimsuit cover-up outfit.

If you are going vacationing with the whole family, a fun activity before your trip would be to make tie-dye T-shirts for everyone to take. You can start with white T-shirts from your closets or buy inexpensive ones at your local craft store. Everyone can get creative and put their design on their shirt. You’ll be sure to get plenty of wear out of them on your vacation and beyond.

Swimming, Snorkeling, and Surfing… Oh My!

Before you pack for your trip, check out what types of water activities you want to enjoy in Cancun. If you will be active in the water, choose swimwear that will stay put through it all. Simple styles with wide shoulder straps are a good choice. Rash guards that go over the top of your suit and can also be a good choice for water sports. Be sure to wear water shoes if you will be walking anywhere that is rocky.

Have fun styling your plus-size swimwear, and have a wonderful time at the resort in Cancun!


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