How to Style Plus Size Flannel Shirts

Temps have dropped, pumpkin spice everything is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner. So what could these three things mean – other than the impending onslaught of 24/7 Christmas music playing in every mall across the country? Just that it’s finally – officially – 100% time to break out those fabulous flannel shirts and bring them to the forefront of your fall and winter wardrobe.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Flannel is for PJs and rock concerts and the occasional family photo shoot at an apple orchard AND THAT’S IT. Well, think again, lady, because flannel can be – and should be – your go-to fashion staple this season. One of the best things about flannel is that it’s versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. And yes, even plus size flannel shirts can look stylish and be worn in more ways than just opened over a T-shirt with plus size jeans (though that’s still a favorite look if I’m being honest). Make staying on trend easy this season and check out my 8 favorite ways to wear plus size flannel shirts for fall and winter and start enjoying the comfy side of fashionable.

1. Flannel shirts and a puffy vest

Let’s start with the obvious (cuz why fight it, right?). Flannel shirts were practically made to be worn beneath a cozy, puffy vest with your favorite pair of jeans and boots completing this totally classic outdoorsy ensemble. Of course the traditional tartan plaid – aka lumberjack style – is what is most often associated with flannel shirts and outdoor living but with so many different pretty colors and patterns to choose from there’s no reason to feel stuck to just one traditional style of plus size flannel shirt.

2. Flannel shirts layered over a long dress

For those days you don’t quite feel like going completely casual but dressing up isn’t really an option either, try layering a button down plus size flannel shirt over a long plus size dress. You could even add a belt to add some definition to your waist. Plus, when you need to lose a layer you can wear your flannel tied around your waist instead for a fun, youthful look. Who says you can’t be a kid again?

3. Flannel tunic and a cardigan

You guessed it, another layering option. Hey, no apologies because when the cold weather hits you need to be prepared for all of those indoor/outdoor temperature changes without losing any stylish prowess. This is why wearing an open faced plus size cardigan over a fitted plus size flannel shirt or blousy plus size flannel tunic is a must-do for winter and fall. But of course not just any cardi will do. Pick one that is longer than your shirt and with complimenting colors. Then try rolling the cuffs of your flannel over the sweater sleeves to give your whole outfit a fresh look.

4. Plus size flannel tunic with leggings

Yes, absolutely, most definitely you can wear flannels with plus size leggings. Thank goodness, right? Because who doesn’t love wearing comfy, cozy pants that make you feel like you’re getting away with something. Style black or grey, thick plus size leggings with a flowy plus size flannel tunic and boots for an instant envy-worthy outfit. Just make sure your tunic is long enough to cover your booty for adequate coverage (and warmth). Because, as much as we want them to be, leggings aren’t actually pants. So dress accordingly.

5. Flannel shirts worn with a skirt

Skirts aren’t often one of my go-to wardrobe pieces, mostly because I struggle with finding the right top to pair them with. Luckily flannels look great with fitted skirts and can roll easily into a casual or dressier outfit. Go fun and casual with a denim skirt and button down flannel tied at the bottom into a knot or bow for a bit of flare. Or show off the all-business side of your plus size flannel by tucking it in to a long, black pencil skirt paired with heels. Either way you’ll look cute and, really, that’s all that matters.

6. Flannel pairing: keep it monotone

Make flannel chic in an instant by pairing black and white flannel with an otherwise all black ensemble. Not only will dressing in black pants and heels give you the illusion of longer legs but adding a black under layer as well will get you that flattering slimming effect you can’t resist.

7. How to wear flannel shirts under a sweater

Another stylish way you can survive the cold and still look fabulous would be to wear your warm double brushed flannel shirt beneath a cozy cotton knit sweater. Ideally you’ll want the flannel to be slightly longer than the sweater so the tail can peek out the bottom. And make sure you pop that collar to show off the layering contrast of those two looks-so-great-together pieces.

8. Flannel shirts require the right accessories

When it comes to accessorizing flannel it’s not really the jewelry you should be thinking about. Instead elevate your everyday flannel with a little help from belts, scarves, shoes and purses. Use a skinny belt over a long, plus size flannel shirt to help define (or create) your waistline and maximize your curves. Wear your favorite plus size flannel tunic with a thick scarf draped over your shoulders or tied with flare at the neck. Use a large, vibrant handbag of a similar color to complement your outfit. Or simply show off your lovely flannel beneath a classic trench as you enjoy a walk amongst the changing foliage. Even wearing a pair of stylish ankle boots in a bold, contrasting pattern like leopard print can tie the whole look together and help highlight how truly on point your fashion game is.

Open your mind (and your heart) to the possibilities of flannel this season and enjoy a whole new wardrobe you never knew possible. Don’t waste another minute mourning the passing of warm weather wear. Welcome plus size flannel shirts and tunics into your life and enjoy the warmer side of winter fashion every day.


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