How to Style Plus-Size Capri Pants

How to Style Plus-Size Capri Pants

It's exciting to reconnect with your warm-weather wardrobe, especially after many months of blustery winds and cold temperatures. Now that the sun is peeking through the clouds and the afternoons are pleasant, it's time for you to revive your spring clothing rotation. For the times when you want to stay cool but not wear shorts, capri pants offer a nice alternative.

Longer than shorts but shorter than full-length pants, capris are the bridge between the business and casual world. They can be dressed up or dressed down and accessorized in countless cute ways. Now that it's time to dress for spring and summer, here are some cute styles for plus size capri pants that you can enjoy for the months to come.

Transforming Regular Jeans into Capris

You don't have to spend a lot of money or look far for some great casual capris. Your next favorite pair of jean capris may already be in your closet. Easily make DIY capris by cuffing plus size jeans. However, not all jeans are ideal for cuffing. Skinny jeans are difficult to cuff because they are tight around the ankles. Wide-leg jeans are also hard to cuff because of the excess material that is difficult to fold and keep secure.

On the other hand, boyfriend, boot cut, and straight leg jeans produce the best results. This is because there is just enough jean material to fold over without losing control of the hold or running out of "room" to fold upwards. Cuffed jeans make great casual capris that you can wear with plus-size flannel shirts or a dependable white T-shirt. Put on your favorite pair of sneakers and you're ready for any casual event on your agenda.

Show Off Your Shoes

Spring and summer bring drastic changes to the plus-size wardrobe, but none are as noticeable as the transition from boots to sandals, flats, and open-toed shoes. Capris are designed to show off what you're wearing on your feet. The gap between the high cuff and your ankle showcases a fresh pair of heels or sandals in a way that long pants simply don't do. Capris are especially great for early spring days that are too cold for shorts but still warm enough for an open-heeled boot or floral flats. By wearing this style of pants, you can show off some seriously cute shoes that you've been looking forward to wearing for months.

Introduce Bold Colors

While winter is known for neutrals, holiday shimmer, and earthy tones, spring and summer just cry out for fun colors. Wearing capris in bold colors like red, pink, orange, yellow, and mustard can spice up a spring wardrobe instantly and without a lot of effort. Pair these bold colored pants with plain basic tops or floral plus size blouses that match the color of your capris. It's also fun to showcase pop colors through your shoes instead.

For example, wear black capris with a white blouse and some stunning red heels for an ultra-chic look that's suited for a girl's night or Sunday brunch! This can also be done by throwing on a bold fashion scarf or blazer over a camisole. By integrating vibrant colors into your capri ensembles, you can bring out the best of spring and energize your world with cheerful hues.

Wearing Capris During Colder Springs

So what if you live in a climate that doesn't get warm until the very end of spring? This does not mean that you have to hold off on wearing capris. You can still achieve a cute, springy look without sacrificing your comfort when you wear short boots, chunky knit cardigans, blazers, and light trench coats with your capris. Be sure to avoid materials that are too light, like sheer silk or polyester, but instead strategically weave in clothing that will keep you comfortable during your area's colder springs. However, bring in the spirit of the season by still lightening your color scheme. A pastel pink plus-size cardigan sweater or robin's egg blue handbag make a simple "spring has sprung" statement as the weather slowly transitions out of winter.

Try All the Hot New Looks

Capris are made for fashion experimentation, and this season is your time to explore. Do you want to make a power suit for work? Then put together a set of dress pant capris, a silk blouse, and a tidy black blazer and high heels. This look just oozes confidence and takes center stage during presentations and meetings. You can also take a pair of floral or houndstooth patterned capris and style them with solid colored tops to make office-ready outfits that are both fun and professional.

High-waisted capris have also made crop tops the next hot thing to wear this season. More plus-size models than ever are rocking this look on the runway and across social media. Crop tops are the perfect complement to high-waisted capris because they elongate the figure and create a balanced silhouette from top to bottom. Finish off this outfit with your favorite jewelry and matching sandals, and you're ready for your next date or girls' night out!

Plus size capri pants are destined to make you shine. Try these styling tips to take your wardrobe to the next level.


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