How To Style and Layer a Men’s Polo Shirt in the Fall?

How To Style and Layer a Men’s Polo Shirt in the Fall?

Fall is a popular season, ringing in the season’s holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween are some of our favorites if we say so ourselves – or maybe it’s the changing leaves and the crisp fall air. There is so much to love about the season, and the fact that it’s the official start of layering season is the cherry on top. Fall fashion is all about comfy layered looks, embracing sweater weather, and busting out our most flattering timeless autumnal outfits. And when it comes to fall styles, men's polo shirts play an integral role.

With its crisp collar and classic, timeless vibe, a polo shirt takes everything you love about your favorite t-shirt and gives it that little something extra. Polo shirts are also versatile, comfy yet stylish, and ideal for layering, which makes them a must-have for the season. Read on for some of our favorite ways to style and layer a polo shirt in fall, and get ready to find your new favorite autumnal 'fit.

Under a Flannel Shirt

When you think of fall essentials, we’re sure men's flannel shirts come immediately to mind. Flannel and fall just go perfectly together, like ketchup and mustard, and if you add a polo shirt to the mix, you’ll have even more reasons to love this combo.

Layering a flannel shirt over a polo shirt gives off a casual-cool look, especially if you rock a solid color polo under a classic plaid flannel button-down. We think this combo looks best if you wear the flannel shirt open and if you complete this look with a classic pair of blue jeans. This outfit looks great with a pair of sneakers, some casual ankle boots, and a fall-friendly beanie.

Under a Crewneck Sweater

Since fall is the official start of sweater weather, we’re going to dive right into it with a classic men's sweater: the crewneck. A men’s crewneck sweater is a fall must-have, and it looks extra stylish when layered over a polo shirt. The polo shirt’s collar peeking over the crewneck neckline is a timeless look and an effortless way to make your favorite crewneck sweater look a bit snazzier.

Go for a short-sleeve polo, so you don’t have to worry about the polo sleeves bunching up under your crewneck sweater throughout the day, or, if it’s chillier and you want to opt for a long-sleeve polo, just make sure your crewneck isn’t too tight. Complete this outfit with a pair of khaki chinos and some leather or pleather Chelsea boots, and you’ll be set for everything from the office to a fall dinner date.

With a Denim Jacket

When it comes to men's fall jackets, a mid-weight denim jacket is a stylish and practical option for the season. And it just so happens that a classic blue denim jacket looks great over a polo shirt. We think that this is a great opportunity to rock a print polo shirt since this will make your denim jacket layer pop.

Rock your print polo shirt with your light or dark blue denim jacket with a pair of black, khaki, or navy blue chinos, or add even more texture to this outfit with a pair of men's corduroy pants (another fall essential!) and either sneakers or boots, depending on where you’re wearing this outfit. As you put this outfit together, just ensure that all of the hues, shades, prints, and textures look complementary, as this is a look that can easily go from casual-cool and dynamic to a bit chaotic if you’re not careful.

With a Cardigan Layer

There’s something about autumn that just calls for cardigans, so it’s great news that a cardigan layer looks so good over a polo shirt. Go for a textured men's cardigan sweater, like a cable knit, and look for one with a classic button-front design.

Adding this cardigan layer can make any polo shirt feel and look on point for the fall season, so rock it over your favorite polo, either button-up or open, and add a scarf to the mix if it’s an especially chilly day. You can dress this look up a bit by wearing it with a pair of dress slacks or chinos, or you can keep it more casual with a pair of dark blue jeans. Complete this fall-friendly outfit with either loafers, slip-on Chelsea boots, or stylish lace-front ankle boots.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to style a men’s polo shirt in the fall. Get ready to lean into one of these classic layered looks as you enjoy the magic of the season at a pumpkin patch, prep for the holidays with your loved ones, or go about your day-to-day in effortless style.


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