How to Style Baggy Jeans

How To Style Baggy Jeans — Low-Waisted Jeans Making a Comeback

Baggy jeans are all the rage right now. Their comfy and stylish good looks have been spotted everywhere, from cool streetwear to Paris fashion week. Let’s look at how to style this great 1990s comeback look.

Baggy Jeans 101

So…what exactly are baggy jeans? It’s not a silly question. For the most part, baggy jeans are any pair with a decidedly relaxed fit. Other terms for baggy jeans include “boyfriend jeans,” “mom jeans,” and “dad jeans.” Mom jeans typically have a more tapered silhouette, whereas dad jeans are lower-waisted. Boyfriend jeans are in between. Almost all baggy jeans have wide, straight legs. Some baggy jeans are distressed. They also come in a wide range of washes, from bright white to medium to dark. Baggy jeans can be styled in a myriad of fun ways.

Minimalist Baggy Jeans

Do you prefer a minimalist look? If so, opt for a pair of medium wash baggy jeans with a black or white women’s T-shirt. Add your favorite pair of sneakers, and you are set. For cooler weather, consider pairing a neutral-colored women’s sweater with your baggy jeans. You can also top off this outfit with an oversized blazer.

Denim on Denim

Interested in making a bold fashion statement? Consider pairing your baggy jeans with a matching denim jacket for a cool denim-on-denim vibe.

Denim on denim can be a fun look with denim skirts and denim jackets, too. You can go classic with a simple white shirt underneath or use the neutral backdrop as a great canvas for a top in a solid pop color or a colorful fun design.

Festival Fashion Baggy Jeans

If you enjoy music festivals, consider your baggy jeans as your dancing jeans. They are perfect for enjoying a long day or evening of moving to the music, are casual, allow for plenty of movement, and pair well with fun tops like a floral peasant-styled women’s top or a tie-dyed women’s T-shirt.

Other fun looks for festival fashion include hippie skirts (any loose flowy skirt will do, although they are usually midi length), tank tops, and maxi dresses. Finish off these great looks with a cute pair of sandals and a cool pair of sunglasses.

Preppy Baggy Jeans

Yes, baggy jeans can be preppy, too. Just add a crisp white women’s blouse, a belt, and a pair of loafers, and presto! You have the latest on-trend version of the preppy look.

For other preppy looks, consider wearing your baggy jeans with a polo shirt and neat white sneakers. You can style the polo shirt to be “baggy” in its way by leaving it untucked, or you can go for a preppier look by tucking in the polo shirt and wearing a belt.

White Baggy Jeans

For a fun spring or summer look, wear white baggy jeans with a white shirt. This white-on-white combination will keep you cool and comfy while looking sophisticated and casual. White pants are a classic warm-weather look, so it is fun to put a new spin on them by wearing them in a loose silhouette like baggy jeans. It will be fun to have another option in addition to your cute white capri pants. For a twist on this look, go black-on-black with a pair of black baggy jeans and a black top. If you go for this look, wear black shoes to create a head-to-toe ensemble.

With any white pants, choose to wear them in locations and for occasions where you can keep them clean. You can often spot bleach a stain out of white pants, but it’s always wise to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care. White denim has the advantage of being a naturally thick fabric, so it is opaque. With lighter-weight white pants and skirts, you sometimes have to create opacity with foundation garments. Often wearing a slip underneath a skirt or bicycle-short-styled underclothes underneath pants is part of wearing this look.

Baggy Jeans… for the Office?

Yes, baggy jeans are even making an appearance in corporate America. Use your best judgment about the corporate culture in which you work, but in many offices, business casual baggy jeans are a thing. Just add a neat top, an oversized blazer, and loafers, and you have an ensemble that will take you through your workday and into the evening.

If baggy jeans take business casual a step too casual for your office, consider a dressier pair of wide-legged pants with a neat women’s blouse and a pretty pair of flats. This will give you an extra comfy outfit to get you through your day while looking a bit more buttoned up than the baggy jeans ensemble.

Baggy jeans are back! Those 1990s favorites were just too good not to cycle back into fashion. Have fun styling your baggy jeans!


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