How to Style a Shacket with a Spring Dress

How to Style a Shacket with a Spring Dress

Shackets are a new and awesome garment in the fashion world. A shacket is a crossover between a shirt and a jacket, making it a great layering piece that adds style and dimension to any outfit. The shacket is the perfect season transition piece that is easy to wear under outerwear and over lighter basics such as tees, tanks, and long sleeve shirts. Shackets are literally the ideal layering piece to wear in the spring.

One of the best ways to wear a shacket is with a spring dress. If you’re like us and excited to pull out the spring and summer dresses after the winter, then the shacket is the transitional piece that you need. Use your shackets to transition your favorite warm-weather pieces for spring so you can already begin wearing them. Here are some fun ways to style a shacket with a spring dress.

With a Shirt Dress

Shackets are perfect when layered over a classic shirt dress. Choose a classic button-down shirt dress and wear it with a shacket, a pair of tights, and a pair of high-cut boots for an effortless but sophisticated look that’s perfect for spring. This is also a great way for you to make your shacket and shirt dress work for a business casual or more professional setting. Button-down shirt dresses are great because they mimic a button-down blouse that’s standard for office wear.

Button-down shirt dresses turn a standard shirt dress into something more professionally friendly. The shacket also mimics the shape and function of a blazer, making it the perfect layering add-on that looks professional but still feels comfortable and easy to wear. Make it classy by wearing with tights and chic riding boots for the perfect business casual office sophisticated look.

Over a Sweater Dress

Not all of spring is warm and blooming. Spring can also be brisk, cold, and literally freezing. If you’re looking for something to wear on a fresh spring day that will keep you warm but still aligned with transitional style, definitely opt for a shacket worn over a sweater dress. Sweater dresses are such a cozy cold-weather staple, that it’s definitely tempting to wear them into the spring.

Styling with a shacket over them will give the aesthetic of a cozy warm winter-appropriate jacket, but also the lightness of incoming spring. The sweater dress will obviously keep you warm and cozy, even on those crisper spring days. Dress it up a little by wearing a waist belt around your waist to add an eye-catching dimension to what you’re wearing beneath your shacket. This is also a great work-appropriate look that’s versatile, comfortable, stylish, and effortless.

Elevate Your Look

Shackets have the power to dress up even your plainest dresses and elevate them to the next level. Because they have a similar feel to blazers, but also offer more dimension and a laid-back vibe, shackets are great for giving any of your dresses a lift. If you have a casual jersey dress that you love wearing but that also isn’t dressy enough for every occasion, try to uplift it with a shacket. Tie the shacket around your waist with the waist belt and wear it with a pair of boots or booties to make it even dressier.

Make Your Summer Dress Spring Friendly

Shackets have the power to make even a seasonal dress trans-seasonal. If you have a flowery and lightweight summery cotton dress that you can’t wait until summer to wear, then make it more springtime appropriate by wearing with a shacket. Choose a nice neutral shacket to wear over a floral or printed summer dress for a really nice contrast that brings together the best of spring and summer. Prints and shackets go super well together, so definitely try out this pairing with your favorite summer dresses. If the weather is nice, bring out the cute sandals. If you're still feeling the cool and crispness of spring, wear it with a pair of boots or booties for a great spring look.

Mini Dress

Shackets really look the absolute best when worn with a mini dress or tunic dress. Make your look a statement by wearing a plaid shacket over a plaid mini skirt and white T-shirt. Mini dresses look especially great with shackets because they tend to be more streamlined or fitted, whereas a shacket tends to be more dimensional or heavier visually. Wear a shacket with a mini T-shirt dress or mini dress, a pair of knee-high boots, and some tights for the perfect spring outfit that also feels perfectly ready for summer.

Shackets are the perfect transitional piece that will bring an added layer and dimension to all of your favorite springtime looks.


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