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How to Style a Maxi Skirt for Spring

When it comes to versatile wardrobe staples for spring, women’s skirts fit the bill. Maxi skirts are especially stylish for spring—and other seasons—because there are so many ways to wear them. Give your maxi skirt a boho-inspired look or cottagecore vibe to keep things casual, or dress it up for the office and formal events.

Keep reading to find a guide to styling your maxi skirts, organized by skirt type. All these skirts are highly adaptable to various occasions and can be mixed and matched with many tops.

Styling a Denim Maxi Skirt

Denim is typically considered a casual fabric. However, you can give it a dressier look depending on how you style it. If you want to keep things casual, wear a denim maxi with any top you’d wear with your favorite women’s jeans.

For example, you could wear a tucked women’s T-shirt with a denim maxi. For cool weather, turtlenecks are warm and go with virtually any type of long denim skirt, as do women’s sweaters. Whether the look is casual or dressy often depends on the type of turtleneck or sweater, along with what kind of shoes and accessories you wear.

Create a look that combines casual and dressy pieces by wearing a cashmere turtleneck sweater with a denim skirt. Flat shoes in a neutral hue keep the outfit on the laid-back side, or you can slip into strappy heeled shoes for a sophisticated style. Even with heels, it’s entirely possible to stay comfortable with features such as a cushioned footbed and breathable upper.

Amplify the dressy factor of your denim skirt and sweater with gold or gold-tone jewelry. A simple pair of hoops or chain necklace can take a semi-dressy look to the next level. A statement handbag with hardware that matches your jewelry is a practical accessory; finish the look with oversized sunglasses for a glam style.

Styling a Knit Maxi Skirt

Knit fabrics are soft, comfortable, and easy to care for. You can launder most knit maxi skirts in your home washing machine, and they tend to be wrinkle-resistant. Some knit maxis—such as ones made from jersey fabric—have a touch of spandex for a fitted look that’s not too tight. Other maxis made from cotton, polyester, and other knits have a relaxed fit without the stretch for a flowy look.

Knit maxis go with all the same tops as denim skirts do. Another idea is to pair a layered look on top with your knit maxi skirt and finish the look with women’s ankle boots. Start with a foundation, such as a fitted turtleneck or long-sleeve tee. A women’s button-down shirt is another option. From there, slip into a long open cardigan for a balanced look that’s versatile, warm, and stylish.

Styling a Floral-Pattern Maxi Skirt

Go cottagecore this spring with a floral-print maxi skirt. The cottagecore aesthetic captures the magic of a cozy fairy tale cottage situated in a floral meadow. If Western is more your style, make a floral maxi part of a farmcore or ranchcore look. The key to these looks is in your top, accessories, and shoes. For example, for cottagecore style, an oversize ivory sweater and flat ballet shoes or women’s ankle boots fit the vibe. For a ranch- or farm-inspired look, wear your floral skirt with a button-down denim shirt and brown calf-high boots.

Floral motifs are on-trend for spring skirts, tops, and even home décor such as bedding. One of the most appealing things about florals is that they tend to contain multiple colors, which gives you more options when it comes to choosing an accent hue.

For example, if you’re wearing a skirt with a pink rose print, it may feature pink flowers and green leaves. You could wear it with either a solid-color pink or green top for a well-coordinated look. You could also match your top to the print background color. Let’s say you’re wearing a black floral-motif skirt—pair it with a women’s long-sleeve T-shirt in black so that the floral print takes center stage.

Styling a Dressy Maxi Skirt

As mentioned earlier when we talked about denim skirts, it’s easy to dress up a maxi skirt. For an occasion where dress clothes are a must, start with a maxi skirt made from a silky or satiny fabric. The lustrous finish imparts instant elegance and doesn’t require much adornment. Pair your fancy maxi skirt with cashmere or a dressy women’s white blouse and your favorite jewelry. When it comes to footwear, most any type of neutral dress shoe can go with a silky maxi skirt and sweater or blouse.

More Spring Style Tips

Use these maxi skirt styling tips as fashion inspiration for your spring looks. Maxi skirts aren’t just for spring, either. Keep them on hand for all seasons, as they can be worn with summer tops for hot weather and layered with warmer apparel for winter.


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