How Do You Style a Flannel Shirt for Men?

How Do You Style a Flannel Shirt for Men?

The fall season brings one of our favorite articles of clothing—men’s flannel shirts. Nothing quite says autumn like pulling out the one (or ten) flannels in your collection. Whether you’re raking fallen leaves, watching your kid play in the football game, or going out for a drink with friends, the flannel performs well as the temperatures drop.

The beauty of the flannel is that, in reality, it’s great in the winter, spring, and even summer too. Not only is the flannel seasonally versatile, as we’ll show in this guide, it’s useful for many different occasions and it just comes down to how you style it.

Why Choose a Flannel?

While plaid is the pattern many flannels come in, flannel is the actual material used to make the shirt. Flannel is typically loose weave wool or cotton which has been brushed, leaving the fabric with a soft, napped finish. The flannel is, at its core, a work shirt. It’s no wonder Paul Bunyan is shown in his statues to be wearing one—it serves a great purpose—to protect from the cold, but also allow ease of movement. Most important, the flannel is durable, lasts season after season, and we think, only gets better with time.

You might not be a lumberjack, but your life has plenty of exciting times to wear this must-have item. Let’s explore some of the ways you can wear flannel and how to dress it up or down.

The Flannel Can Be as Casual as You Want It to Be

The fit of your flannel really comes down to how you plan to wear it. We recommend that it to be not too tall or baggy, unless you plan to wear a bulky sweater or sweatshirt underneath it. Overall, the fit of flannel is all about how comfortable you feel in it. Flannel is a soft material, and will be fine against bare skin, so it’s up to you whether or not to wear a T-shirt underneath. However, a T-shirt underneath allows for more flexibility if you want to leave a few buttons of the flannel undone or wear it open. Also, if the weather is changeable and you envision you might possibly get too hot with it on, a shirt underneath is a good way to go. That way you can wrap the flannel around your waist and still have a shirt.

Regardless of whether you layer it with a shirt underneath, a flannel is a great option for a casual day. Pair it with a comfortable jogger and athletic shoes for errands or a walk around the neighborhood. If you’re not one for athletic pants outside the gym, the flannel goes great with casual jeans. For a chillier day, a sweatshirt underneath your flannel can be a cool fall look. Pair with your favorite kicks and you’re ready to go.

If it’s a cooler day, a men's henley shirt will look great underneath your flannel. When the weather gets really cold, why settle for flannel on only the exterior? Men's flannel-lined jeans will keep you warm the whole winter through.

Bold Uses of the Classic Flannel Shirt

For a bolder statement, we love a monochrome white or black outfit & kicks—add the flannel to make the outfit pop. No doubt your confidence will come across in your attire.

Flannel looks great under a jean jacket. For pants, you can pair them with either a jean of a different wash or cargo pants. A black or white shoe will do nicely—an interesting print can give the outfit more flare. A bomber or leather jacket will layer great with a flannel to give an edgier look. Teamed the fit with dark wash jeans and a rich Chelsea boot and you’ll be looking fresh and ready for whatever comes your way.

Flannel in the Workplace

While Flannel is not typically thought to be business attire, where there's a will there’s a way, and we have a way. Be sure to check your work’s dress code first if you have any concerns. If you get the green light from the boss, we propose topping a flannel with a men’s V-neck sweater. Tuck the flannel into nice dress pants and throw on one of our men's leather belts. If you’re wondering whether you can add a solid color tie in the mix, we say yes, absolutely! Or, for an even dressier look, layer your flannel with one of our men's blazers. Hey-o! Watch out, world, here we come—we're wearing flannel to work.

There you have it—our guide to styling a flannel shirt for men. With your flannel at the ready, you can create a great outfit for almost any occasion. Wear it with pride.


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