How to Style a Bomber Jacket

How to Style a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a retro-inspired fall trend. This jacket style is waist-length and has a structured look, thanks to its ribbed cuffs and waistbands. These military-inspired jackets — also known as flight jackets — have full zippers and pockets for warming your hands or carrying small essentials. Keep reading for our favorite ways to wear a bomber jacket, along with ways to accessorize and footwear ideas.

With Jeans and a Turtleneck

Whether you choose a bomber jacket in brown, black, or gray, you can always wear it with jeans. Turtlenecks are ideal for layering under bomber jackets — especially if you choose a turtleneck in an easy-to-layer fabric such as cotton modal. Supima cotton turtlenecks are also great for wearing under jackets, as they’re light and breathable for warmth without too much bulk. For a luxe look and feel, wear a cashmere turtleneck under your bomber jacket.

When choosing what color turtleneck to wear, there aren’t any fashion rules to follow. Neutral hues go with everything, so you can opt for white, ivory, taupe, gray, or black if you want plenty of fashion versatility. If you prefer attention-grabbing colors, a neutral bomber jacket over a vibrant solid-color or print turtleneck is a trendy fall look that’s easy to put together.

The next part of creating this look is choosing the style and color of women’s jeans you prefer. Skinny jeans go well with turtlenecks and bomber jackets, but if you prefer something roomier, there are straight-leg jeans and boot-cut styles that flare at the bottom. High-rise jeans are good for creating a retro-inspired look, and they provide modest coverage for the midsection. Choosing a denim wash is a matter of preference; black and indigo are always classic, but you can also choose a light wash or one with a frosted or distressed look if that’s your preference.

If you want the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings, choose a pair of jeggings. Top them with a tunic sweater that covers your hips, then add your bomber jacket for a casual date-night look that’s also suitable for almost any casual occasion.

With Dress Pants (or a Skirt) and a Sweater

Bomber jackets are a versatile outerwear style. Although they’re ideal for casual outfits, you can also wear one with a dressier look. For example, dress pants or a skirt with a sweater has a professional, upscale look that you can top with a bomber jacket in a neutral color. You can wear a collared button-down women’s dress shirt under the sweater for a preppy look. Layering isn’t just for appearance’s sake, though. If you get too warm, you can wear the dress shirt on its own without the sweater.

When it comes to the right sweater style, it’s all a matter of what you like best. There are cashmere pullovers and cardigans in round-neck and V-neck styles, along with super-smooth cotton-modal sweaters and those made from soft, sturdy Supima cotton.

With a Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

If you’re running to the gym, the store, or any other casual destination, throw a bomber on over your comfy sweats for extra warmth and a trendy vibe. You can match your sweatshirt and sweatpants for a monochromatic look or opt for contrasting colors for a color block style. A printed sweatshirt with solid women’s sweatpants is another idea.

Accessories to Wear With Bomber Jackets

You don’t need a lot of accessories for a bomber jacket. However, they can be useful when it comes to dressing your look up or down. For example, you could go for a retro aesthetic with a pleated skirt, fitted sweater, and bomber jacket accessorized with a hair scarf. Or you can tie the scarf around your neck for a ’50-inspired look. Women’s fashion scarves are also good for creating a breezy Parisian look with a bomber, capri pants, a fine-gauge knit sweater, and heeled shoes.

When it comes to jewelry, gold and gold-tone pieces impart a high-end look to anything you’re wearing. One word of advice — when you go for the gold, keep it to one or two key pieces and keep the rest of your look understated. Silver jewelry and beaded jewelry impart a boho-inspired vibe that’s more casual. The right accessories are the ones you feel best in, so play around with different jacket-accessory pairings to find your faves.

Fall Footwear to Wear With Bomber Jackets

Another factor to consider when styling a bomber jacket is footwear. If you like a well-coordinated outfit, match your bomber jacket to a pair of leather or vegan leather women’s boots in the same color. Whether you like calf-high boots or ankle boots for fall, they come in colors to match most neutral-hued jackets. A handbag in the same material and color as your boots can serve as a functional accessory and enhance your look. If you’re putting together a dressy look, flat dress shoes or heels can be matched to your jacket and bag for an elegant outfit.

Shop the selection to find a bomber jacket that you love. From there, coming up with stylish outfits is as easy as experimenting with different fashion, accessory, and footwear combinations.


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