How to Spring Clean Your Closet

How to Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring is in the air, which means it’s finally time to pull out that above-the-knee skirt we bought back in December when we were fantasizing about outdoor hangs and warm weather, but our reality was couch hangs and flannel pajamas. But before we can get on with our spring wardrobe plans, it’s time for some spring cleaning of our closet.

Cleanout out your closet can be a daunting task, but we’re here to show you how to do it right, and even have a little fun while you’re at it. It’s important to clear out some of the old to make space for the new, in our closets as in life. Staring at that silk blazer you’ve only worn once doesn’t exactly spark joy, and there are plenty of other items in everyone’s closet that can either be stored, donated, or tossed to make way for things we’ll actually wear. So roll up your sleeves, throw on some tunes, and let’s get cleaning. Here’s our advice for how to spring clean your closet.

Be Intentional

This isn’t a project you should start on a whim when you have an hour or two free. Set aside some time, ideally a full day, to dedicate to this project. Giving yourself a large window of time will help prevent you from feeling too stressed or overwhelmed by the project at hand, and give you the space to really do a thorough cleaning, not just a once-over. Set some goals before you start as well. For example, tell yourself that you will get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year that’s not of any particular sentimental value. Or say that you’ll store your cashmere sweaters properly to prevent them from getting damaged with time. Set your priorities, and stick to them.

Another word of advice: spring clean to a soundtrack. Putting music on while you do any kind of housework is a game-changer, giving you a little energy and allowing you to rock out while you Swiffer. But music during a more arduous task like spring cleaning can be a life-saver. Some may prefer a podcast, though those may be better for more mindless cleaning jobs, like dusting.

Cleaning your closet can involve some deep thinking, so we prefer some simple music in the background. Some may opt for soft classical or jazz to keep things calm. Others may prefer some high-energy pop or country to boost their mood and keep them going strong. No matter what kind of tunes you like, make sure you turn them up and keep them going until you finish the job. You’ll be amazed at how much faster time passes with a little background music.

Get a Bird’s Eye View

Once you’ve set aside some time and picked your soundtrack, make sure that you can properly assess the job at hand, and how much clothing, shoes, and accessories you’re working with. It’s hard to get a full idea of your wardrobe when it’s in your closet or drawers, so pull everything out a little at a time and dump it on a bed, couch, or another surface to really get a good view. This helps you be able to move things into categories, hold things up easily, and gives you a better idea of the scope of what you own. Next, start dividing things into categories.

The “save” category applies to items you wear frequently and love, and can go back in the closet or drawer. The “store” category applies to items you wear and love, but won’t be wearing in the spring, like heavy down jackets, winter hats and gloves, and thermals. Next, the “donate” pile, which applies to items you don’t really wear, have grown out of, or just aren’t your style anymore. This could be subdivided into a “sell” and “donate” category, as well as a “toss” category for anything severely damaged (though there are places that will upcycle fabric that you can donate to, or learn how to upcycle yourself in the link below!).

Say Goodbye

The hardest part of cleaning out your closet is actually parting with the items you’ve decided to get rid of. Oftentimes the thought of seeing that women's tunic sweater on someone else is enough to convince you to put it back in the closet, where it will inevitably sit until next year’s spring cleaning. But don’t be that person this year! Soon you’ll discover the true meaning of “out of sight, out of mind,” and will enjoy the extra space your closet cleanout allowed for. Now, the items that make you look and feel your best will have the space to shine!

Spring cleaning is all about refreshing your home, belongings, and wardrobe to make room for the bounty that spring brings. While parting with clothing always feels tough, ripping off the Band-Aid is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and for your closet.

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