How to Spoil Yourself on Mother’s Day

How to Spoil Yourself on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a day meant for moms, naturally. It’s a time to not only honor the moms in your life but a time to honor yourself as a mom too. You should use Mother’s Day as an excuse to look back at all of the aspects of motherhood that are rewarding, challenging, and uplifting. Being a mom is a hard job, and moms don’t get nearly enough credit for all of their hard work.

This Mother’s Day, take care of yourself by doing something you truly want to do—whether that’s spending time with family, going on a solo adventure, or lounging on the couch with a book.

Here’s how to spoil yourself this Mother’s Day.

Order Delivery Food

You don’t want to spend Mother’s Day making yourself or your family a meal, right? Who wants to do dishes on Mother’s Day? Instead, order yourself a delivery dinner so you can relax at home while enjoying a meal that you didn't have to prepare. Once your delivery comes, you and your family can change into some matching family pajamas and chow down on the take-out dinner you selected.

You can even put on a movie while enjoying dinner—just make sure your family lets you pick the flick. It is Mother’s Day after all.

Go to the Spa

Few things say Mother’s Day more than a visit to the spa. Ask your partner to treat you to a spa service of your choice for a relaxing holiday outing. Get yourself a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, a massage—whatever sounds best to you! You’ll be treated to a day of pure pampering along with some sure-to-be-plush bath towels and fresh cucumber water. Some spas may even be doing special Mother’s Day deals, making it an ideal time to visit.

Just be sure to book your appointment well in advance, spas fill up around Mother’s Day!

Go Shopping

When’s the last time you had a shopping day just for yourself? Not one spent looking for your kid’s high school uniforms or outdoor furniture for family use, but a day spent shopping for new clothes, shoes, and accessories just for you. This Mother’s Day weekend, spend an entire day shopping for yourself—buy yourself that new jersey dress you’ve been eyeing or those new sunglasses that have been on your wishlist.

As a Mom, you likely spend most of your time caring for others—kids, partners, parents, friends, pets—and can forget to think about yourself. Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to care for yourself and any overlooked parts of your wardrobe.

Go Out for Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch is a classic activity that not only gives you a reason to dress up but also provides you with a tasty meal (and maybe even a brunch drink!). Have your partner do all the planning for this one: let them book a reservation at your favorite brunch spot and let them get the kids ready for the brunch. That way, you’ll be able to take your time getting dressed and putting on your makeup.

At the restaurant, order your favorite brunch meal, a fruity cocktail, and even a sweet dessert to top it all off. Brunch always feels like a special, celebratory meal, so it’s the perfect activity for your Mother’s Day 2022. Speaking of special, why not wear one of your special occasion dresses to this celebratory brunch?

Light Your Favorite Candle

If you’re craving a more low-key Mother’s Day, light your favorite candle and open up a book or magazine. You’ll feel instantly relaxed when the scent of your go-to candle is present throughout the air and you’re able to actually take a few minutes for yourself. If your partner or kids are trying to track down a Mother’s Day gift for you, suggest a candle that you can then immediately light for a calming evening.

In the End, Do What You Want

In the end, Mother’s Day is a holiday meant to celebrate you. So, you should do exactly what you want to celebrate the day. Want to spend the day at the park with your kids? Go for it! Dream of curling up with a book, your throw blankets, and a glass of wine to celebrate the day? Do that!

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, make sure you plan yourself a nice day. It’s a day meant to reflect on how great of a mom you are and a time to take a breather before gearing up for your kid’s next messy, exhausting adventure.


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