How to Sleep Comfortably on Hot Summer Nights

How to Sleep Comfortably on Hot Summer Nights

There’s so much to love about hot summer days. From soaking up the rays by the pool to laying on the sand by the beach, it’s no wonder our moods instantly improve when the sun’s out in full swing. And, of course, there’s also something magical about those warm summer nights when you can dine outdoors or hang out in the backyard without worrying too much about layering. That said, there is a downside to those warm summer nights, which is when the heat can make it feel impossible to fall asleep.

While the beach days and the breezy, balmy evenings outdoors are all huge perks of the warmer months, there’s no denying that it’s a bit easier to drift off to dreamland when it’s a bit cold out. Cozying up in our flannel sheets under a weighted blanket, snug as a bug on crisp fall nights or during downright cold winter chills certainly make for some seriously comfy nights.

If you find yourself tossing and turning on hot nights, don’t fret! You can easily adjust a few things in your bedroom and your nighttime routine to seriously improve your summer-weather sleep. Read on for our top tips for falling asleep on hot nights, and get ready to catch some quality z’s.

Air Out Your Room

The first tip on our list will be most relevant if you don’t have central air (if you do have central air, though, this will still help if you’re worried about energy usage or cutting back on that utility bill!) or if you have one of those super loud in-window AC units.

On hot days, you can get your room sleep-ready by thinking ahead. First, crack the windows, pull the blinds down, and get a fan going to create some cross ventilation. This airflow will make your room feel much, well, airier and will make the space feel much more inviting on stuffy nights.

Of course, you might choose to keep your fan going all night, or maybe you already leave your windows cracked on warm nights. But airing out your room during the afternoon rather than waiting for bedtime can make a huge difference!

Switch to Nighttime Showers

What’s better than a breezy bedroom? Well, heading into one after a cold (or cool) shower, of course! Switching to nighttime showers or simply rinsing off in cold or room-temperature water before bed can be a total game-changer.

After a hot day, it also just feels so good to rinse off the day, chill out (literally) for a moment before bed, and head into your aired-out bedroom wrapped in a plush bath towel. Beyond just cooling you down and keeping your sheets nice and clean, an evening shower can also start to feel like an important transition from day to night, putting you in the right mindset to drift off to dreamland.

Swap Out Your Bedding

It’s key to have bedding that changes with the season. When it starts to get warm out, stash your flannel sheets or heavy-down comforter in the linen closet, and bring some breezy bedding into your rotation instead.

There are a ton of different materials that are perfect for hot nights, like breathable percale cotton bed sheets or lightweight linen sheet sets. These fabrics will cut back on nighttime sweating and overheating, making it so much easier to fall (and stay) asleep on balmy nights.

Pair percale cotton, linen, or any other breathable bed sheet set with an ultra-light blanket. While you might feel inclined to ditch the blanket entirely on extra hot nights, we’re so used to sleeping under blankets that it can make it harder to drift off without one, so it’s essential to have a few lightweight warm-weather options in rotation, and perhaps to even opt for a cooling blanket help you stay comfortable during heat waves.

Invest in a Cooling Pillow

Speaking of cooling blankets, did you know that you can also easily find cooling pillows? Yep, no need to find your cool on the other side of the pillow when the pillow offers cooling elements for sweat-free sleeping.

Just as important as the pillowcases you choose for hot nights is the pillow itself. Look for one with features like memory foam with cooling gel or a shredded memory foam bamboo pillow. Paired with a cooling Tencel pillowcase or a breathable Belgian flax linen pillowcase, this winning pillow combo means you can rest easy on stuffy evenings.

Sleep in Airy PJs

Your sleepwear can make a huge difference when it comes to sleep quality. Easy-breezy cotton sleep shirts are a must-have for warm-weather sleeping, as is a cute (cute never hurts, right?) and practical PJ set in an ultra-breathable fabric, with a tank-top style shirt and shorts.

Changing into your summer-style PJs after a cold shower and slipping into lightweight seasonal sheets in an aired-out room will set you up for sleep success. Getting quality sleep is key for your ability to function throughout the day, so we hope that these tips help you to comfortably fall and stay asleep without a hitch, even on the hottest of hot nights!


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