Rock the Baggy Clothing Trend as a Petite

How to Rock the Baggy Clothing Trend If You’re Petite

People are prioritizing comfort in many aspects of their lives these days, and that includes fashion. Besides wearing work leisure and athleisure clothing to help people feel comfortable but look stylish, another trend is to wear baggy tops, pants, and coats. If you’re petite, you may be wondering whether this trend will work for you. Our answer is, “Of course!” There’s no reason to let your size dictate what you’re allowed to wear. But rocking this style takes a bit more consideration than other styles since you don’t want to appear like you’re drowning in layers of fabric. Just keep these style tips in mind, and you’ll be golden.

Be Intentional About It

The first thing to know about dressing any way is to make it look like you did it intentionally. For example, If you really like the way pink and red look together, but you’ve been taught not to wear it together because it clashes, make it look like you did it on purpose. This applies to baggy clothes as well. If you wear it with a hunched-over stature and look self-conscious, that does you no favors. But wearing it with your head held high, knowing you love how you look, will make a huge difference. So try not to worry too much about the “rules,” and instead focus on wearing things you enjoy. If you find that even wearing it with confidence doesn’t help, then you might want to reconsider the item or see if any of our tips and tricks help.

For example, wearing an oversized sweatshirt over a tank top might make you look like you’re lost in your outfit if you wear it with wide-legged pants, but it can look quite tailored and intentionally baggy if you wear it with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Rolling up the sleeves and wearing some bracelets or bangles with it can help make it look intentional as well. Another way to make a baggy hoodie look intentionally stylish is to wear a cropped one, so it hits your waist instead of your thighs, making it look more tailored.

Show Some Skin

Showing a little skin is a great way to avoid looking like something is too large on you. One great way to do that is by wearing an off-the-shoulder top. The bare skin prevents you from looking like your clothes are wearing you. It helps your upper body look longer as well, which can also make you look taller. This is especially true if you pair an oversized, off-the-shoulder sweater or petite tunic with some skinny jeans and a pair of strappy pumps. The same can be said for a V-neck shirt or sweater. If the V-neck is extra long, you can always wear a T-shirt or camisole in a contrasting color underneath, which gives it the same effect.

Focus on Just One Baggy Zone

As we mentioned earlier about wearing an oversized hoodie with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, it’s a good practice to focus on just one oversized item if you want to really rock the baggy clothing trend. It could be a baggy “zone” instead of a single item as well. For example, if you want to wear a baggy cardigan sweater, you may also want to wear a baggy T-shirt underneath, which is perfectly fine as well. That’s because they’re both in the upper half of your body. Again, wearing them with fitted pants or leggings would work, but so would showing some skin and wearing an above-the-knee skirt.

Focus on the Details

Rocking the baggy clothing trend isn’t, unfortunately, as easy as buying clothes in a size larger than you’d normally wear. That’s because any details, seams, distressing, or darts on the larger garment would look disproportionate when misplaced on a smaller frame. For that reason, if you really want something that doesn’t come in a petite size, make sure it doesn’t have those details that might make it look unintentional. For example, a pair of distressed, cropped, baggy jeans might look great on you if the holes are placed right at the knee, and the crop is above the ankle. But, if the holes are at the shins instead of the knees, or if they are so long that they cover your ankles, the jeans could look way too oversized and give the impression that they’re actually meant for someone else.

Rely on Belts or Tuck Things In

This isn’t news for petites, but belts are still a petite girl’s friend—even when rocking the oversized look. Baggy sweaters and turtlenecks can be belted in the middle, giving a more tailored look while still allowing you to enjoy the comfort of an oversized top. Remember that wearing it off the shoulder can also look amazing with a belt as well. You can also tuck in a baggy top for the same type of look, whether it’s a T-shirt or a billowy blouse. Belting and tucking in defines your curves and helps provide some definition when wearing something that’s oversized or baggy.

Don’t let outdated fashion rules interfere with your sense of style. With these tips in mind, you can rock the baggy clothes trend even if you’re petite.


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