How to Ring in the New Year With Your Young Ones

How to Ring in the New Year With Your Young Ones

Staying home with your family this New Year’s Eve? Spending New Year’s Eve at home with your children can be as much fun, or more, than going out to a grown-up party. These ideas for spending the evening at home can help you make treasured memories for your kids. Be sure to capture a few photos for your scrapbook and encourage your young ones to participate in the planning to make sure there’s something special for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, most of the things you pick up for your family's New Year’s Eve celebration can be used all winter, so you get a lot of extra value for your money.

Start Early With an Outside Play Time Scavenger Hunt

Want your young ones to go to bed at the regular time even though it’s New Year’s Eve? Tire them out early with an outdoor New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt. Set up the treasure hunt ahead of time with some toys or New Year’s themed knick-knacks. Hide quite a few items for older children or just a few things for younger kids. Make notes on where everything is hidden. You can use the notes as clues to get everyone started hunting. Get everyone bundled up for the outdoor weather - in outerwear, boots, and winter accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves. Then, head outside to begin the scavenger hunt.

Cookies, Cocoa, and a Drawing Game

On a chilly day, you and your children can enjoy relaxing activities indoors. If spills are a concern, separate this into two activities. Get out insulated mugs filled with warm cocoa and a plate of freshly baked cookies. Make sure the cocoa isn’t too hot for little ones, and then gather around the table with some art supplies. Encourage children to draw a picture of their favorite thing from the past year and the second picture of something they want to see or do in the new year. This can be a great conversation starter, and it can also give you some great ideas for planning a family road trip next summer.

Craft-Making Time followed by Reading Favorite Stories

Making cute winter crafts, like a cotton ball snowman or paper snowflakes covered in glitter, is a fun, interactive way to keep young children engaged. You can keep the crafts simple, so it’s easy for little fingers to manage or choose harder crafts for older kids. Stick with the cozy, interactive theme by adding story time to your New Year’s celebration. Have the kids get comfy in bean bag chairs or arrange some throw pillows on the floor so everyone can relax and take turns reading.

Cook as a Family and Dress Up for Dinner

This idea offers a way to include your kids in an at-home party. Get, or make, some New Year’s Eve decorations. Have each person help with the menu and food preparation. Make sure there are some fun finger foods that are safe and easy for little fingers to prepare. Spread the food out on serving trays, plates, and in bowls so it’s easy for everyone to reach their favorite. Then, have everyone get dressed in their best outfits, or in costumes - your choice. Enjoy an at-home party and dinner with the kids leading the festivities.

Matching Family Pajamas and a Movie

Does ringing in the new year at home in comfy pajamas sound fun? Pick a couple family-friendly movies, some easy snacks, and have everyone get decked out in matching family pajamas. This is a pleasant way to start the new year. No stress going to or hosting a party. No getting everyone bundled up to go somewhere in the cold winter weather. Everyone gets to stay home and be comfortable, while looking cute in matching pajamas. Plus, if you want to take a family selfie at midnight, think how great you’ll all look in your matching PJs.

Board Games and a Camp-In

New Year’s Eve is a great night to choose for a family board game night. Plus, to make it even more special, you can spread out kid’s personalized sleeping bags after playing board games and have a family camp-in. Choose a couple board games that are age-appropriate for your youngest family members. Additionally, have a back-up plan, like a movie or craft project, in case not everyone wants to play the board games you choose. Try to keep everyone engaged and playing until the new year arrives. Then, after everyone is nestled in their cozy sleeping bags, give yourself a pat on the back for creating memories and new traditions your children will cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you choose one or mix it up and try several of these at-home family-themed New Year’s Eve ideas, you can feel great about spending quality time with your children when welcoming the new year.

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