How to Properly Pack for a Quick Winter Getaway

How to Properly Pack for a Quick Winter Getaway

Packing for a quick winter getaway can actually be a fairly relaxed, stress-free process once you have a solid idea of what to pack and how to pack. If you are feeling overwhelmed about packing for an upcoming vacation, you may just need a little guidance. This article will show you how to properly pack for a quick winter getaway to help you simplify the process.

Start By Packing Warm Tops

You really can’t go wrong with a few high-quality sweaters for a winter getaway. They are easy to pack, don’t wrinkle easily, are cozy, and presentable for a wide range of activities. Depending on the length of your trip, aim to pack three sweaters in any style you prefer. If you have dressier tops that you want to wear in addition to sweaters, such as a women’s white blouse , have a cardigan sweater packed that you can wear over the blouse.

Then Find Bottoms That Will Go With Your Tops

After you decide what warm tops you are bringing, whether it’s sweaters, flannel shirts, women’s tunic sweaters, blouses, or a combination of all three, you can think about what bottoms will go with everything. Not only should the bottoms you choose help you complete stylish outfits, but they should also keep you warm and comfortable. For simply lounging around your hotel or cabin, choose soft, comfy items like leggings, relaxed-fit jeans, slouchy pants, and wide-legged pants. No need to pack uncomfortable clothing while you are on vacation with the sole purpose of relaxing.

If you are going out anywhere in your vacation destination and want to dress up, choose high-quality pants that are just as comfortable as they are fashionable, such as charcoal gray wool pants.

Pack Your Nice Outfit

No matter where you are going, it’s always a good idea to pack one dressier outfit that you can have with you for dinners out or events. This could be anything from cozy sweater dresses to a woman's cashmere sweater with a chic pencil skirt or colorful maxi skirt. For men, pack a simple pair of dress slacks and a dress shirt.

Pack Your Personal Belongings and Accessories

After packing all the clothing you plan to bring on your trip, you can get to the odds and ends. Bring a toiletry bag that you can fill with personal hygiene products such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, hair supplies, bath products, and any prescription medications you will need. Along with personal hygiene products, remember to put things like your wallet, ID, cash, credit cards, devices, and chargers in a safe place.

After packing personal belongings, you can pack a couple of small items you would like to accessorize an outfit with. Pack jewelry that is stylish but not too valuable unless you know you can safely store the jewelry in a safe. Pack anything else like belts, shoes, sunglasses, and handbags you plan to use during your trip.

Winter Accessories

If you are getting away in a snowy wooded area to hunker down in a cozy cabin for a few days, you will have to leave the cabin at some point. Whether it’s simply to drive into town for groceries or go for a winter hike through the woods, you will require the basic winter accessories including a winter hat, a pair of winter gloves, and a winter scarf if one is needed. Depending on how much snow is in the area, you may want to bring a pair of thick waterproof gloves in addition to a warm, yet lightweight pair of gloves. For hats, a wool hat is best as it’s a material that will provide the most warmth. For extra warmth and protection, consider packing a winter coat with an attached, fur-lined hood. Having a high-quality wool hat in addition to a fur-lined hood will provide maximum warmth.

Anything You Need For Activities on Your Itinerary

Are you vacationing at a ski resort and plan to hit the slopes? Pack anything you might need for these winter sports. Going on brisk hikes through snowy trails? Pack your hiking boots and other outerwear pieces you will need to keep you warm. Just planning to hang out in a beautiful, rustic cabin surrounded by a snowy winter wonderland? Pack anything you might want to keep you entertained, including books, board games, your favorite snacks, and wine. If there are things that you will need but don’t have or won’t be able to bring (for example, if you are flying), do some research on your vacation destination to see if there are places where you can pick up any supplies you might be missing. Are you planning a short winter getaway to a new location and need a few things before you go? Shop Lands’ End today to find a wide selection of winter wear.

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