How to Plan a Romantic Virtual Holiday Date for Him

How to Plan a Romantic Virtual Holiday Date for Him

Being away from the one you love is hard, but thanks to the wonders of technology, dating can be a little easier. Stay connected and keep the romantic spark alive even when you’re apart by planning a fabulous virtual date that will keep you close in heart and soul this season.

Make Your Virtual Date Special This Season

Whether you’ve known one another for a long time or just a short while, just talking on Zoom, FaceTime, or some other video interface can get old after a while, even around the holidays. To make a romantic date for him the most fun, create a theme for your virtual holiday rendezvous based on what he likes. This doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from what you have in mind, but having a general idea of what you will do or a central theme can keep the date going and make it more enjoyable for both of you. Consider his interests as well as any shared interests you have.

Make it a dinner date by having the ingredients for one of his favorite meals delivered from a meal service or grocery dinner, then plan to cook together. Put on a holiday spin on it by planning to make Christmas cookies or a holiday cocktail together. Get creative with a festive game theme and plan romantic holiday games for two players. If he loves sports, surprise him by streaming a game he’s been looking forward to, and you can chat and have snacks together during it. Whatever he’s into, keeping it in mind for the date’s theme or plan will help show him you care and that you have been thinking of him.

Think About What You’ll Need for the Holidate — and Let Him Know

Depending on what you’ll do during the holiday virtual date, you’ll also need to know what supplies or items you need. If you’ll be cooking or baking together, let him know (in case he needs to clean up his kitchen) or needs to have certain items. Delivery can take some stress out of the equation, but if you’re cooking a meal with common ingredients, for example, you may just need to let him know what to pull out of the pantry or refrigerator.

Playing holiday trivia rounds or virtual Monopoly? You may both need a cozy holiday personalized pillow or cute cozy fleece blankets to stay comfy during the date. If you plan on listening to Christmas music and sharing a glass of wine virtually, let him know what he’ll need to have handy, whether it’s his favorite speaker or the beverage of choice.

Set the Mood

Wondering how to make it romantic virtually? It’s easy. Light some pretty candles in the background, or sit near the fireplace and have it as the background. Make a special romantic sign or painting just for him, and place it in a special area of the background where he’s sure to see it. Put on some romantic jewelry, and even consider items like lip gloss or eyeliner to elevate your look beyond your everyday style. If he has complimented you when you’ve worn your hair in a certain style, maybe tonight’s the night to wear it that way again! A little creativity goes a long way in making a virtual romantic mood.

Let Him Know You Care in a Special Way

The holidays are the perfect time to get sentimental. For an ultra-special romantic date with him, you can let him know you care in a special way. This might depend on how well the two of you know one another, but it can work in many situations. Sing about how much you like him to the tune of your favorite flirty holiday carol. Write a poem with a holiday theme that shares your feelings. Write down your feelings and share them in a letter that you read aloud. Expressing how you feel verbally in your virtual date can be a way to really stay connected and express yourself in a way you can’t do through text.

But Keep It Fun, Too

Having some sweet and sentimental moments during your virtual holiday date can be really meaningful, but make sure to keep it fun, too. Have some fun holiday-themed jokes on hand to keep a lighthearted vibe, or play a funny holiday parody to get him smiling even as you wish you were holding hands or actually together. Keeping things fun and adding in some humor won’t detract from the romance, but it could make you both feel a little better even when you’re apart.

Wear Something Festive for Your Date

The holidays only come around once a year, so finally, put a little thought into what you’ll wear for your virtual date. This doesn’t mean you have to dress up, though you certainly could if you want to! Maybe the two of you decide to have a cozy virtual date in matching Christmas pajamas or your favorite soft holiday-themed robes (don’t forget the slippers, too!). Or, maybe you want to keep it cozy but still cute in some fun but stylish loungewear. Want to elevate your look for your holidate a little further? Consider a cute dress and Christmas sweater, or a nice pair of denim skinny jeans and a blouse in a holiday color that complements your complexion and hair. Try accessories like winter fashion scarves. The options are endless; dress in whatever makes you feel great for the best virtual date experience.

A Virtual Holiday Date That Means Fun for Both of You

Planning a romantic holiday virtual date for him means you’ll put a little thought into his interests and feelings, but at the end of the day, both of you will reap the rewards from planning the perfect holiday date to celebrate virtually.


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