How to Plan a Spring Hike

How to Plan a Spring Hike

Spring is a great season for hiking. With the weather starting to warm up and everything beginning to bloom and blossom, spending some time in nature is a must. And a hike is the perfect way to get outside and appreciate the splendor while also getting in some of those steps, which is ideal if you have any New Year’s fitness goals on the list.

Just like with any season, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind when planning for a spring hike. You’ll want to think ahead about things like weather patterns, how damp the ground might be at your local trails, and how to best enjoy all that spring fauna without your allergies acting up. Read on for some tips that’ll help you plan ahead to have a great spring hike.

Pick a Pretty Trail

While this might feel like an obvious place to start no matter the season, this is especially true for spring. After all, you’ve spent winter cooped up inside, or dealing with gray days. Spring is also when a lot of beautiful flowers start to bloom, so if you know of a hike nearby with lots of pretty local fauna, this is a great way to celebrate and embrace the lovely seasonal vibes.

In addition to picking a trail that’s pretty, do a bit of online digging to ensure it’s not one that gets too waterlogged. You can often find information about trails online, including their various difficulty levels and other considerations, like mud or bugs, or if the trail is pup or kiddo friendly. Having this info upfront can ensure you have a great on the trail without too many surprises!

Prepare for April Showers

Before you pick a day for your hike, you’ll want to check the weather. And even if the day looks dry in advance, you should still check the weather again morning-of, in case you need to pivot. And even still, if your weather app predicts nothing but blue skies, you should still come prepared in case it does rain or drizzle a bit.

With the right gear, a bit of rain on your hike doesn’t have to feel like rain on your parade. If you have some available, opt to wear waterproof hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes. And to be even more prepared, be sure to bring both an extra pair of socks and a lightweight packable jacket with a hood in your backpack.

Dress for Success

In addition to rocking waterproof shoes, bringing along a packable jacket layer, and packing some extra socks, you should plan to wear an outfit that’ll keep you comfortable as you hit the trail.

Part of what makes spring such a perfect time to hike is that in most areas, it’s starting to warm up, but it’s not yet too hot. That said, weather in the spring can also be a bit of a wildcard, so it’s best to plan an outfit that includes some layers. A safe bet is often a pair of warm yet breathable women's workout leggings with a moisture-wicking T-shirt. You can opt for a short, long, or 3/4 sleeve top and complete this look with a pullover women's sweatshirt if you need an extra layer. And if you opt to skip the hoodie, you’ll still be in great shape with the packable jacket you bring on the hike.

Don't Play With Pollen

If you have allergies, and specifically pollen-related allergies, you’ll already know the struggles of the spring allergy season. While the blossoming flowers and blooming leaves are all lovely to gaze upon, they can also mean you’re stocking up on allergy meds.

This is important to think about in advance so you don’t have to suffer through itchy eyes and a runny nose on your hike. Plan to take some non-drowsy allergy medication (or whatever you usually do as the season kicks off) and bring along some extras, just in case.

Springtime Calls for SPF

Another reminder after a long winter is that outdoorsy activities in the spring require sun protection. Even if it’s not as hot out as a summery beach day, you should still plan to apply sunscreen on any exposed parts of your body before you head out. And remember to bring some extra to reapply throughout the day, especially if you’re going on a longer hike.

In addition to sunscreen, you should bring or wear a hat with some sort of brim, even if it’s just a baseball cap. And opt for a moisture-wicking short or long sleeve women's T-shirt that also has UPF 50 sun protection built-in, as this will provide some added defense against the sun’s potentially harmful rays.

If you keep these pointers in mind, you’re on track to have an epic springtime hike. We hope this leaves you feeling inspired to get out there and enjoy all that this wonderful season has to offer!


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