How To Plan A Spring Equinox Party

How to Plan a Spring Equinox Party

After a long winter, we all deserve to celebrate spring! Why not host a spring equinox party? Here are some tips to help you and your guests shake off the cold of winter and embrace the warmth and beauty of spring.

A Sunrise Brunch

For the full effect of celebrating twelve hours of sunshine, why not start as soon as the sun rises? Time your invitation so that your guests arrive in darkness. Then, you can all toast the sunrise with coffee, tea, or champagne. You can make the brunch as easy or elaborate as you wish—perhaps just coffee and pastries or maybe go for a full menu including items like quiche and fruit or ham with all the fixings.

The truth is that many of us love breakfast food and would rather go out for waffles than a full dinner. Tap into this craving and be as creative as you would like. Perhaps a waffle and fruit bar where you add your own toppings would be just the ticket (don’t forget the whipped cream for those with a sweet tooth). Decorate the buffet with some spring flowers to brighten everyone’s day—a simple bouquet or two from the grocery store will do just fine. You can even invite your guests to each take home their favorite flower as a lovely reminder of the get-together. This will spread the joy (and clean up your home in the process).

A shirt dress and sandals would be a lovely hostess outfit for the occasion and will take you into the rest of your day’s schedule with ease.

Make It a Potluck

One of the great parts about a spring equinox party is that other than celebrating spring on or around the date of the equinox, there really aren’t any rules. Almost everyone has their favorite spring food. Why not make the occasion fun and festive by asking everyone to bring their favorite spring dish? This could be anything from a famous family recipe to goodies that they pick up at the local deli or bakery.

Be sure to have recipe cards (either paper or digital) so everyone can exchange recipes. This is not only fun but will also give you a new collection of favorites to make or bake throughout spring and into summer. A cute and comfy outfit for this one would be black women’s yoga pants and a tunic top in a spring color. As the hostess for this casual get-together, you can go barefoot with a new spring pedicure, throw on some cute sandals, or slip into a pair of comfy ballet flats.

How About a Picnic?

There's nothing as fun as a spring picnic. Choose a park (or even your backyard), bring some throw blankets, and enjoy a “summer picnic” a bit early. You can also include a nature walk to get everyone’s blood pumping and enjoy the beautiful buds as they're beginning to poke out. Doesn’t that sound delightful after a long, cold winter?

As a backup plan for inclement weather, explain to your guests in advance that you'll have an indoor picnic at your home if it rains or is below a specific temperature. Camp it up with the same picnic blankets, paper plates, and cups, and simply move it indoors. It'll be the easiest party that you ever hosted, and everyone will love it.

Celebrate the Sunset

Why not toast the sunset on the spring equinox outdoors with your favorite beverages and snacks? Set up a party in your yard or on your deck and do an official count down for the sunset. Depending on what day of the week the spring equinox will fall this year, this option may be your most practical party idea. Even the hardest workers are usually winding down for the day around sunset in the spring, and everyone will appreciate your little soiree after a dark winter. Plan a fun drink menu with anything from homemade strawberry lemonade to sangria or your favorite summer cocktail.

After sunset, why not dance the night away in a fit and flare dress? You can break out the dance music and spend the rest of the evening relaxing with your guests, knowing that more spring and summer evenings are coming your way. Sometimes the best dance parties are the casual ones you have at home. You can choose your favorite music from your favorite decade, take requests from your guests with your smart speaker, and no one has to dance “in public” so they'll feel free to be silly or sophisticated.

However you choose to celebrate the spring equinox, enjoy! Warmer days are coming!


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