How to Customize School Uniforms and Sports Apparel

How to Customize School Uniforms and Sports Apparel

Although school uniforms give your child a more limited back to school wardrobe, we still want kids to be able to express themselves freely. We offer school-approved clothing that fits every child and allows your child options as they head back to school. Here's a quick guide on how to give your child's school wardrobe a touch of personality through different custom school apparel options, backpacks, accessories, and shoes that all add spunk to your child's style.


We make sure every kid fits in, and that's why we offer a variety of different school-approved clothing options. Whether she loves to spruce up her outfit with a girls skort, or would rather wear chino pants – we allow her to make the choice, so she can feel confident in her outfit. He can choose from our different boys' polo shirts to find the fit, color, and style that make him smile as he looks in the mirror.

They even can double up their polo shirts for a different look that adds a pop of color or throw on a cardigan with their long sleeve or short sleeve polo shirts. If they love unique socks, they can toss on a pair of our textured socks to add a hint of personality to their outfit.

We also offer different clothing options when it comes to activewear and winter layering. This makes it so no matter the class or season, they can still embrace who they are.


Have your child pick out a school bag that shows their personality through different styles, colors, designs, and personalization. From classic backpacks to rolling backpacks, your child can choose which style they love. They also can choose from a variety of colors, so they can match with their favorite sports team or display their favorite color to their classmates. We even offer personalized backpacks through monogramming and colorful icons so that you can put their initials on the bag or even an awesome dinosaur.

To match their backpacks, they can even pick out a unique lunch box, or sports cinch to hold their sweaty gym clothes. Our lunch boxes also come with different features to meet the needs of every child. From insulated totes to lunch bags that have water bottle holders, they can find one that matches them to a tee.


Whether your child loves to accessorize their outfit or over-accessorizes subtly, we offer multiple options, so your child can show who they are.

Even though your child may have limits on what additional accessories they can show off at school, we still have options to help them express themselves. We have ties for kids who love solid colors to the child who loves plaid. Throwing on a tie would look great with any polo – no matter the gender. They even could opt-in for a school uniform cross tie to add variety to their collection.

We also have kids' headbands to help give her hair a stylish look. If your child loves wearing a hat to school, choose from our baseball caps and winter hat collections to find the hat that they love.

If your child's pants are a little big, or they love wearing belts, we have different colors and styles for them to choose from to help give their uniform a fun look.

Get Creative with School Supplies

Make back to school shopping exciting through their school supplies. One of the best ways for kids to show who they are is through different colored notebooks, folders, writing utensils, and other school supplies they may need in the classroom. Have her pick out a new sparkly pencil case or folder that displays her love for math and science. Have him pick out a new notebook with a cat that looks just like yours, or even a bright new ruler to show his vibrant personality. Every piece of school supplies allows for opportunities to show who they are outside of what they are wearing. They also make for great conversation starters to help make new friends as they start the school year.


There's no better way to add personality or a pop of color than with a pair of shoes. Thankfully, we offer a wide assortment of shoes for your child to choose from. Whether she loves to wear a ballet flat or rock a sneaker, she can shop our uniform shoe collection to find what's right for her.

For the boys, they can find a pair of chic loafers or opt into the trendy boat shoe look. Each pair of shoes offer your child comfort with style, so as they stroll down the hallway, they confidently own who they are.

Personalize their Wardrobe

One of the perks of shopping our uniform store is we can personalize their uniforms to make them unique to them. Whether they want to customize their wardrobe with their school logo or add monogramming to their backpack, we make it possible.

Every child deserves to express who they are, and that can be done through our school uniform shop. From personalizing their wardrobe to picking out a new backpack, we make sure every child fits in. Have your child pick out a new colorful bag, a new accessory or pair of shoes, and a couple of articles of clothing to give them confidence as they head back to school this fall.


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