How to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

How to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

Summer is coming, and the surf is calling! Whether you walk, drive, or fly to get there, going to the beach has been a delightful summer activity. Whether you are playing in the waves, lounging in the sand, or exploring the boardwalk, you want to make sure you have everything you need with you. No matter what kind of person you are, there are some things everyone takes to the beach. Packing for your seaside vacation may seem simple, but there are a few little things that are easy to forget. Here are four things you need when packing for your beach vacation.

1) Swimsuits

It's hard to be around all that water if you can't swim in it! What to wear at the beach is an important question. It depends on your anticipated activities. Are you going to learn to surf? Will beach volleyball be on the itinerary? If you are the sporty type, you'll want a swimsuit that can stay up in the rough and tumble. Consider a one-piece swimsuit so that the rushing water doesn't drag you down. If you want a little more sun, a bikini set you can tie tightly may also be a good option.

If you are the type of person who is much more likely to be found tanning on the beach, collecting seashells, or building sandcastles, a slimming swimsuit will make you look great no matter what the angle is. Whatever bathing suit lets you relax and have a good time is the right choice

2) Sunscreen

You always need sunscreen at the beach. Nothing ruins an oceanside summer vacation like dark red sunburns. While sunburns can be painful for adults, life can get extra chaotic if a child gets sunburnt. So, anytime you go to the beach, sunscreen is a must.

But there's an additional consideration: when you and the family are playing in the sun all day, it's hard to have to stop the fun and chase down a child every hour or so for a full-body sunscreen reapplication. That's why rash guards and swim shirts for the family are a must on any beach packing list. With the top half covered, it'll make for quicker sunscreen applications, and it's much easier than dealing with sunburns.

3) Extra Beachwear

While bathing suits are the main outfit at the beach, there are a few more things most people tend to bring. Don your flip-flops or sandals or other footwear that's easy to slip on and off in case there are some rocky tidepools to explore or a boardwalk to stroll. If local beach dining or other attractions are available, you may also want to consider a beach cover up so that you aren't so exposed while out and about. It can also get quite bright at the beach with the sun reflecting off the water, so a nice hat and sunglasses won't be amiss.

4) Accessories

Some people can come to the beach with just a swimsuit and car keys, but if you are planning on spending some time, there are a few other things you should remember to bring. Folding chairs and beach blankets are typical lounge necessities that make your shore stay more comfortable. To give a little relief from the sun, umbrellas are also helpful, along with an ice-cold water bottle or two. If you are driving from home, towels are critical to bring along with you.

Carrying all the little things you want to take along requires something larger than a purse but cuter than a grocery bag, so canvas beach totes are the natural choice as a beach accessory itself and for accessory transport. What you bring depends on your desired level of comfort and possibly your mode of travel. But even if you just need a place for shoes, coverups, car keys, and phones, a tote will prove useful and is worth bringing along.

4) Games

Every scenic place needs a little variety, and games are a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Not only are they fun, but beach games tend to pack easily as well! A deflated beachball, a frisbee, a paddleball set, even a little shovel can fit in the corner of a suitcase and be brought out to entertain when a little variety is in order.

Bring along a tennis ball or two, and you can make your own target toss by digging holes in the sand, or each person can test their arm by trying to hit waves as they break. Make sure your ball floats so the tide can bring it back to you.

Now you know what to remember as you are running out the door to catch your island flight or driving to the coast for the weekend. Preparing properly is an important component for relaxation, so make sure you have packed everything you need to enjoy your fabulous beach vacation.


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