How To Pack for an Adults-Only Disney Vacation

How To Pack for an Adults-Only Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation isn’t just for kids. Whether you’re heading to one of the Disney parks with a group of friends or with your significant other, you’ll need to prepare for your adventure. Once you book your hotel room, make a reservation at one of the Disney resorts, buy your plane tickets or map out a fun road trip journey to get there, all that’s left is packing.

Like any vacation, you’ll want to get organized before throwing your clothes into a bag. Read on for tips on packing for an adults-only Disney vacation, and get ready to lean into the magic.

Jot Down a Packing List

Before packing your bags, set aside some time to jot down a quick packing list. This might already be part of your standard packing process, but it’ll be especially helpful for this vacation since you’ll want to have very specific items on hand.

When making your packing list, you’ll want to consider a few things, like the number of days you’ll be there, the amenities where you’ll be staying, and what the weather might be like while you’re there. For example, if you’re staying somewhere with a pool, be sure to bring at least two swimsuits, and if it looks like it might be a bit chilly in the evenings or downright rainy some of the days (we’re looking at you, Florida), you’ll want to include a packable jacket in your packing list.

Be Sure To Bring a Day Bag

While packing most of your clothes, shoes, and other necessities into your luggage, it’s super important that you also bring along a backpack. A backpack can double as a carry-on if you’re catching a flight for your Disney vacation or as a way to keep your road trip essentials on hand during a long drive.

Once you’re at Disneyland or Disney World, you can then use your backpack as a day bag to carry essentials with you through the park. From your wallet to a portable phone charger or extra sunscreen, a backpack is a must-have for being prepared while at the park. Opt for a backpack with zippered pockets that can help you stay organized throughout the day. A backpack with cushioned straps can also help you stay comfortable on your feet during a long (but fun) day.

Use Packing Cubes To Stay Organized

Like a backpack with zippered pockets that can help you stay organized at the park, travel accessories like packing cubes can help you stay organized while you pack and during your stay.

Packing cubes are a great way to keep your backup toiletries – like extra sunscreen or a tube of toothpaste – from getting lost in your luggage. These packing cubes can also be a great way to pack an extra pair of shoes, like some sandals for lounging by the pool or some slightly dressier shoes for a nice dinner out where you don’t want to wear your walking sneakers.

Bring Cute and Comfortable Clothes

Now that you have a packing list, the perfect backpack picked out to use as your day bag, and some nifty travel cubes to stay organized during your trip, you’ll want to narrow in on the clothes you want to bring.

Be sure to bring a few pairs of comfortable shorts, especially if it’s going to be fairly hot when you’re there, plus some nicer but relaxed pants – like wide-leg linen capris – or leggings for sit-down dinners or if you want to catch a nighttime parade or fireworks. Next, pack a few simple, airy t-shirts for your time in the park, a blouse or two for dinners, and maybe a comfy cotton maxi dress if there’s a day or evening that you want to take your look up a notch. Remember that you’ll have limited space in your luggage, so opt for a packable jacket for your outerwear and lightweight pajamas or sleepwear that won’t take up too much space in your suitcase. As for shoes, bring a pair of extra comfy walking sneakers, plus some strappy sandals for dinner or lounging by the pool if your hotel has one.

Lean Into the Magic

Enjoying Disneyland or Disney World with a group of gal pals or your partner can be a total blast. From all of the food and drink options, you can eat your way around the park and enjoy cocktails along the way (or just a few refreshing beverages if you don’t drink!). Plus, you can feel like a kid again while you snap pictures with the classic Disney characters and go on your favorite rides. It’s also a great opportunity to kick back by a hotel or resort pool and enjoy the California or Florida sun. We hope these packing tips help you get ready for what’s guaranteed to be a great trip!


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