How to Pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

How to Pack for a Romantic Weekend Getaway

When you make time to escape life with your significant other, you want it to be special. You want to show how much you care, and you want to arouse and re-inspire affection in your mate. An important element of achieving that goal is deciding what to bring with you to accomplish it. Our recommendation: appeal to the senses. Look at these tips for what to pack to attract, stimulate and engage your true love's senses so your romantic adventure can get underway quickly.

Catch the Eye

One of the main ways to get your sweetheart's attention is with what you're wearing. Now is the time to break out the clothes you have been wanting to wear but were a little too scandalous or weren't practical at home. If a neckline is a little more daring or a skirt is a little shorter, go for it! Wear those sparkly earrings or that glamorous necklace! Choose the outfits that make you feel confident and attractive. Your attitude will communicate everything your significant other needs to know.

Most places have a swimming area, so your swimsuit can give you a great opportunity to show your stuff. A brand new string bikini might be for you, or perhaps a sophisticated swim dress that teases the imagination. Let whatever you wear inspire you to have fun with your lover in the water.

Don't forget what lies beneath the surface. On a romantic trip, you have to bring along some lingerie. You've got to wear a bra and panties anyway, might as well drive your special someone crazy! Sheer, lacy, minimal, there are so many options you can choose from to awe and excite. If you're feeling lively, conceal your inner attire and make it a surprise. No beau will be bummed at that kind of revelation!

Encourage a Touch

How can you use your suitcase to entice a physical connection? There are several strategies. The first is to choose materials that beg to be touched. Soft, snuggly cashmere sweaters can inspire a prolonged hug. Satin pants are just asking to be stroked. The use of lotion to keep your skin soft and inviting. All are approaches brimming with possibilities.

Another idea is to take advantage of your hair. Caring for it and keeping it healthy and silky can finally pay off. Keep it loose and let it flow and blow in the wind. Let it encourage your lover to help you tame it, brush it off your face, and tuck it behind your ear. Maybe even ask if he wants to play with it, comb it, or braid it.

A Stimulating Aroma and a Sweet Taste

You definitely want to be clean and smell good on your special vacation. Bring your scented soaps and lotions with you to allow the best of your natural fragrance to come through. Pack that fancy perfume to add something new and unique to your upcoming experiences. Romance your love's olfactory senses to give your interactions a new dimension.

Remember your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash so you taste as good as you smell.

The Sound of Your Voice

We'll leave this one to you. Nothing to pack, just keep your voice soft and sultry with a hint of laughter. Be brave and communicate how you feel; use your words to make your lover feel as special as this getaway.

While that completes the romance of the senses, one more suggestion seems appropriate. Bring a personal gift for your significant other. A gift is a way to show how well you know your special someone and it demonstrates your investment of time and thought and care into your relationship.

Whatever way you find to invigorate your romantic travel adventure, be sure it communicates how much you adore your true love and you will have the trip of a lifetime.


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