How to Pack for a Bachelorette Weekend

How to Pack for a Bachelorette Weekend

If you’ve never been to a bachelorette weekend, you’re in for a treat. And, if you’ve been to a bunch and have another on the horizon, you already know the drill but can still benefit from some packing tips. After all, packing for a bachelorette weekend is truly an art form. With so many different approaches to a special getaway like this one, there’s a lot to consider when packing for a bachelorette weekend.

No matter what's on the agenda, from bar hopping in Austin to wine tasting in Napa or even a quiet weekend in the mountains with the bride's closest gal pals, there are two things that are guaranteed. First, there will be a lot of bags, clothes, and makeup brushes strewn everywhere by the end of the weekend, and second, there will be a ton of photo ops for which you’ll want to look your absolute best. With these predictions in mind, we’ve put together a how-to list that’ll help you get ready and as prepared as possible to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Know the Agenda in Advance

As a golden rule, you’ll want to check in advance if there are any themes or activities on the agenda that call for specific outfits or color schemes. If you’re not in charge of the agenda, you can bet that you’ll soon be added to a group thread where the maid of honor will share this type of information in advance. Don’t ignore it! You don’t want to be the only person at the event whose unprepared.

For example, if there's a day when the maid of honor has planned for all the bridesmaids to wear black while the bride wears white, make sure you bring an outfit option for this occasion. The same goes for the activities and amenities. If there's a hot tub or pool at the vacation rental, for example, remember to pack a swimsuit. And if there’s a day on the agenda that includes a hike or a walk into town, don’t forget your walking shoes or hiking boots.

Bring Along a Monogrammed Tote

In addition to your weekender bag or suitcase, consider bringing along a monogrammed tote . These are an excellent way to keep your items organized while the hotel or house rental becomes a melee of everyone’s bags. Your monogrammed tote can also serve as a day bag for your essentials while you hit wineries, the boardwalk, or head to the hotel pool.

This is also a great idea to gift to the other bridesmaids and the bride. The bridesmaids' totes would have embroidered their name and “Bridesmaid," and the bride-to-be's tote would include her name plus “Bride." You can also include the date of the weekend and the location for an extra special memento.

Pack Versatile Bottoms

Since you'll most likely bring home souvenirs from this special get-together, save room in your suitcase and pack versatile bottoms you can wear more than once, and work into several outfits throughout the weekend.

It’s always safe to have your cutest, most flattering pair of women's jeans or your favorite pair of denim shorts with you, depending on the weather and the weekend plan. This way you can pair the same trusty denim bottoms with several tops during the getaway.

Remember One Dressy Outfit

No matter where the bachelorette party is held or what is the vibe of the getaway, you’ll likely have at least one event on the agenda that calls for a dressy look. For anything from a dinner out to dancing or a winery tour, pack something like an easy yet stylish black maxi dress. A maxi dress is always a safe bet since it’s so versatile, and while it’s nice enough for a dinner out, it’s also comfy enough if you’re going out and about after dinner as well.

A maxi dress can be dressed up or down for various occasions or events over the weekend, so it’s really a space-saver in your bag, and you can add things like a jean jacket or a cardigan layer to create several looks with this single item.

With these tips in mind, both you and your women's weekender bag will be ready to celebrate the bride-to-be and make unforgettable memories with the other bridesmaids. Being prepared for an event is the first step in ensuring you have a great time.


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